February 22, 2009

Mia's First Talk

Last week, Amelia was terribly excited to inform us that she had been selected to give the talk this week. She was so proud of herself. She went back & forth about who she wanted to help her (whisper in her ear) - Mom or Dad? I won, I guess. She picked me to help her, but I guilt-ed Bry into coming to watch. After all, this WAS her 1st talk & she's so excited...

Here is the talk that we wrote for her.
Before we were born, we lived with Heavenly Father.
We chose to come to Earth.
Heavenly Father created families for us.
In my family, I have a mom, a dad, a big brother and 2 little sisters.
I like to play dress-up with Adelaide.
I like to build Legos with Adam.
I like to play dolls with Allison.
Families teach us how to be good.
We say prayers and spend time together.
Families love each other.
I can be with my family forever.In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

She took her little paper into Primary. She sat in the special chair at the front of the room marked "Talk". She smiled & sang the opening songs & quietly listened as the prayer & scripture were shared. Then it was her turn. She looked at me, smiled & hopped out of her chair and up to the podium. I whispered the first line into her ear, and she repeated the words into the microphone. Then the 2nd line. I whispered the 3rd line to her. She said, "What?" I repeated myself, slower. She shook her head & hid her face in my side. I tried to get her to continue, but no such luck. I shared the rest of her talk & she went to sit with her class.

Poor thing. I think she just got up there & realized that EVERYONE was looking @ her. I thought it was sad, but a little funny. She's said the prayer and the theme (both with help from mom) before with no trouble. I don't know why this was SO different. Oh well, maybe next time.

February 19, 2009

Birthday Girl

Here are the great cake pictures. 2 years old? Can she really be 2 already. Wow. I LOVE this picture (ignore the cluttered kitchen)...such a funny smile! Here are the kids waiting to "help" blow out the candles. Isn't she too cute? I got Allison got some fun things. She got a play purse with lots of little girly things to go in it.
She also got an Aquadoodle mat & a Little People playset.Here's a cute little video of the kids playing.
Today, we received a package with gifts from Grandma & Katy. Fun, Fun. She got a play puppy & another dolly.Allison especially likes the baby doll. It talks, and Allison thinks it's funny. It's really cute...it knows some of it's body parts (eyes, ears, tummy, toes, etc.)I thought it was adorable that they matched. What a coincidence that I'd dress her in the same outfit? What a goofy smile!Of course, we get the camera out & everyone wants in on the action. Allison is such a good sport to put up with all the hanging on her. What a cutie!

Chuck E. Cheese...Yay!??!

I decided to suck-it-up and take the family to Chuck E. Cheese for Allison's birthday. In AZ, the kids really liked going to Peter Piper Pizza for pizza & games. We've been here 2 years, and I've managed NOT to make it into Chuck E. Cheese. The kids have asked many times, but it just hasn't happened. So, I thought it would be a treat for them. A friend of mine gave me some coupons & I printed some off the Internet too. We got tons of tokens, pizza & soda for everyone. We had a pretty good time, except for 3 emotional meltdowns - ALL thanks to Mia. One meltdown because she wanted to play a specific game, another when we were down to our last 2 tokens (one for Adelaide & one for Mia). Her final tantrum was on the way out when she changed her mind at the last minute about which prize she wanted (after our turn was over). We'll have to think seriously about another birthday @ Chuck E. Cheese. - Mia says she wants to have her birthday there next month. We will have to wait & see.

Birthday Girl
Mia really liked this ride. Aah, to be young & small. It was very slow & only went around 3 times, but it could have been a roller coaster judging from the excitement.Mia talked me into letting Allison try the ride. She was a little worried at first, but she liked it too.Adam loved burning through tokens & got lots of tickets. - One good thing was that every game is only 1 token to play.What a cutie!Daddy got in on the action too. He had fun playing AfterBurner. Go Daddy!

February 14, 2009

Kissy! Kissy!

I got these cute suckers for the kids. Aren't they adorable? Happy Valentine's Day!Allison loves her binky still. - To her, this was just like one.

Let me kiss you with my big lips.Allison sat playing with some dolls with her sucker in her mouth. STICKY!

February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Almost-Valentines Day! Things seem a little weird around here. I don't know if I'm just still "coming-down" from Christmas, but I got some little things to give the kids. Usually, I don't make a big production out of valentines day (being a made-up holiday & all). I figure that the kids get enough candy, etc. from school. I also HATE valentine cards. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind letting my kids participate, but they want to keep every scrap and piece of paper! I still have not figured a way to get rid of all the cards without the tantrums or taking days to toss them little by little. Anyway, enough of my rant.

This year, I got the kids a little $5 gift & a couple of candies. I also made a little card/picture for each child. I also printed one of each for Bry and got some little magnetic frames for him to take to work, so he hang them in his workspace. I would love to go out to dinner for valentines, but I just can't do it this year. It's on Saturday, and I just don't feel like dealing with the crowds of people. Besides, it gives me an excuse to spend some time with the family celebrating Allison's birthday. Now, I just have to figure out what to do.

Enjoy my little valentines.
I should probably explain that Amelia helped me pick her photos. She helped me while Allison was napping & Adelaide had fallen asleep too. When that happens, "Our house is BORING mom." She was very excited for me to email her valentine to Nana & Papa. She said, "Yeah, they can even share it with their kids." (my siblings who are 30, 29 (married), 27 (married), 25, 22 and 18)
This one seems more like an anniversary card than a valentine, but I've decided that it's pretty much the same thing when you've been married for any length of time. Besides, it's so hard to find pictures of me that I like. Looking at my wedding photos always makes me think of what we've been through together. Wow.

February 11, 2009

Allison = Independence

We had preschool today, and while it has warmed up considerably, I still made Adelaide & Amelia wear their heavy coats this morning. I would've let them wear a jacket or sweater, if they had been hanging up or somewhere that we could find them. I was getting my shoes on while Amelia & Adelaide put on their coats. Allison, not wanting to be left behind, tried to put her coat on too. The trouble was that it was still hanging on the hook!She got one arm in (it was even the right armhole), but couldn't for the life of her get that other arm in.She tried really hard.I just thought it was the funniest thing.Allison is like her siblings in a lot of ways, but she's also very different. She seems SO independent. I know she's turning 2, but she wants to do things for herself. She tries to put her own clothes on (can't yet, but she tries). She has mastered the art of finding something to stand on to get up to the counter. She wants to sit at the counter (on a stool) with the big girls. She climbs onto the top bunk & can even climb down too.

She doesn't talk well yet, but she talks A LOT & understands what you say. Every time daddy takes the trash bag out of the can, she runs to get a new bag for the can. When you sweep, she brings you the dustpan. She's very helpful for a little, bitty girl. I guess my only complaint right now is that she's a bite-er. Mia has a big bruise & Adelaide probably has one too. Try explaining to a 3 and 4 year old that she is biting you because you are annoying her but she cannot tell you. The conversation went pretty much like this:

Me - "You know how mommy tells you to use your words?"
Amelia - "Yes. You always says that."
Me - "Allison can't talk. She doesn't have any words."
Amelia - "Oh (nodding thoughtfully)...What?"
Me - "Leave her alone & be nice. She won't get mad & you won't get bitten."

February 9, 2009

We Do Not Kiss Our Friends...

This morning, I hosted our YW Presidency meeting at my house. The 4 of us are friends & work very well together. It's a bonus that we're all pretty much in the same stage of life & all have kids about the same age. We discuss our agenda items, while the kids play & entertain each other (for the most part, anyway). There are always a few squabbles over toys, etc. but they work it out. Between the 4 of us, we have 14 children. Half are in school, which leaves 7 (18months - 4yrs) with us. 3 of them are my pretty little girls. The rest are boys.

One of the boys goes to preschool with the girls and is in Adelaide's primary class at church. When he was leaving, Adelaide kissed him! Yes, on the lips. He just smiled his shy, goofy smile & hid/wiped his face on his sleeve. How do you explain to a little, bitty girl that we don't kiss our friends? We had the same problem a few weeks ago when visiting a friend's house. - Only, that time, it was Mia. She was kissing her friend C while his sisters, Adam & Adelaide all laughed & told them to go-on.

So, I guess I'm in for trouble. Three beautiful little girls right in a row. They ALREADY have fought over who will marry C. Adelaide has decided that she will marry A (the boy she kissed today), so that's worked itself out. What? They keep saying stuff like "When I'm sixteen I'll marry..." I had to tell them that they will be a little older than that. "You want him to go on his mission, right?"

I guess all I can do is just take it one-day-at-a-time. But, for the meantime... "We DO NOT Kiss our Friends."

February 8, 2009

Blog Re-Design

Life is pretty boring lately. It's been cold, and I like staying in when I can. Besides, I've been totally obsessed about digital scrapbook designs lately. Bry says he needs to do an intervention. I have downloaded several GB of very cute papers, embellishments & alphabets. I decided to give another try at designing my own blog background. I think it turned out really cute. The big letter are from Shabby Princess, but all of the other elements & paper came from Digi-Designs by Nicole. - It's her "Rustic Grass" collection. I think it's so cute. I love the colors too. They remind me of the way I feel like I'm in-between spring & winter. I'm waiting in anticipation for spring to arrive. Who isn't?

This week should be a busy one...with being in charge of joint activity, preschool, valentine parties, Allison's birthday...I could probably keep going, but I want to be able to get out of bed in the morning without feeling too overwhelmed. Life is good. It's good to be busy, right?

February 3, 2009

25 Things

OK, so I'm on Facebook & a couple people have "tagged" me to do this. I figured I might as well post it in both places. I know it's dumb, but I've been thinking a lot about this, but we'll both have to see if I can come up with 25 things.

1. I am the oldest of 7 kids. 4 brothers then my 2 sisters are #6 & #7.
2. I was born in Phoenix, AZ & grew up (mostly) there.
3. I have lived in Tucson, AZ & San Diego, CA. We moved back to Phoenix when I was 7, and I lived there until 2 years ago.
4. I moved to IL 2 years ago. - It is the farthest East I have lived.
5. I met my husband before his mission, but I did not "wait for him". I was actually engaged to someone else while he was gone.
6. I went to NYC and I went up in the World Trade Center the year before 911 happened. It was CRAZY-High.
7. My family lived in Western NY for a bit. I have been to Niagra Falls 2X, Palmyra & the Hill Kumorah Pageant 2X, NYC and the Statue of Liberty. I never would've had the opportunity without my family being so close.
8. I have great in-laws. They love me & have served as a surrogate family when I was a young (younger) mother, and away from my own family.
9. I spent 3 1/2 years attending the Singles branch & going to YSA activities before I got married.
10. I asked my husband out on our 1st date. - Went Ice skating (my 1st time - only been maybe 4 times total in my life).
11. I STILL do not have my Bachelor's degree.
12. I taught JR. High Math & Science for 6+ years at my MIL's Charter School in west Phoenix.
13. I hated math when I was in school, but later discovered I was good at teaching it. It just makes sense to my brain. Weird.
14. This year, I will celebrate my 11 wedding Anniversary.
15. I never went to Prom.
16. I am a good friend. I care very much about people.
17. I am a good listener.
18. I have a strange sense of humor. I find weird things funny. I can sometimes be mean or stupid without knowing it (until later).
19. I have a horrible temper & very little patience (especially for stupid people). I am working on it, but I'm definitely a Yell-er.
20. I have 4 great kids. 1 almost 10 yr old Boy & 3 Little Girls.
21. All my kids were born c-sestion.
22. I had 3 girls in 3 years. I was pretty much pregnant off & on for almost 4 years. What a crazy thought. There is 15 months between the 1st & 2nd. And 19 months between the 2nd & 3rd.
23. My youngest was born on Valentine's Day. She was scheduled for Feb.13th (c-section), but we had a blizzard on the 12th. The hospital was under-staffed & I was pushed aside. Oh well, she's a girl. Pink & Red and hearts are much more acceptable for a girl than for a boy.
24. I am 19th out of 32 Grandchildren from my Grandma & Grandpa Inman.
25. I am the oldest out of 13 Grandchildren from my Grandma & Grandpa Logan.

Feel free to try this. I guess it was pretty fun.

FREE Breakfast with a Side of Stupidity

Today Denny's is giving a free Grand Slam Breakfast to everyone...at least until 2pm. Anyway, this brings me to my morning. We did all the usual Tuesday morning stuff. Got up, showered, fed the kids, got Adam off to meet the bus and got all the girls dressed & ready to go.

After dropping them off at preschool, Allison & I met my friend (with 2 little boys in-tow) at Denny's. Lucky for me, she'd already gotten a table & saved me a spot. That place was CRAZY. - Totally Packed! The service was pretty quick for us, and we enjoyed our meal. It was about 10am when I eventually got out of the parking lot. I didn't need to pick up the older girls until 10:30, but I decided I would go ahead early & read while I waited for the preschoolers to come out.

Well, it snowed last night. Not a terrible amount, but more than I might have expected. I usually don't have a problem driving in snow (even though I'm an AZ girl), but I guess I wasn't being as careful as I should have been. I was on a road that had been plowed, but you could see the "trails" where other cars had driven in between the layer of snow/slush left in the middle & sides. Ideally, you would try to drive in the same trail. Well, somehow the van started to slide to the left & before I thought about it I turned back to the right (Wrong idea). Oops... Turn INOT the skid, right? Well, I did get control but I still ended up slowly sliding off the road & down into the ditch.

I thought "Great. I'm an idiot. Look at the stupid girl from AZ." A couple of guys stopped & tried to push me back up on the road, but the snow was pretty deep there & slippery. I blew up Bry's phone, but he was @ work & didn't answer. I finally sent him a text that said, "I'm in a ditch. Call me."

Right about then, another large vehicle pulled up & stopped. It turned out to be an older gentleman from my ward, Bro. Ruch. I don't know what I would've done if he hadn't happened to come along in his "big" vehicle with a tow-rope in the back. He hooked it up & pulled me right out with little trouble. As I drove away, Bryan called to check on me.

I cannot express how fortunate & grateful that I feel. I was lucky there were only a few cars on the road, so I didn't hurt anyone else. At the same time, I am thankful that poeple are willing to stop & offer their assistance when needed. Probably smallest, but still important, things happened in such a short time that I was able to still pick up my girls on time.

I still feel stupid, but very thankful.

February 2, 2009

My Digital Scrapbooking Obsession

For my birthday (in August), I got a digital scrapbooking program called Memory Mixer. I LOVE it! I chose it mainly because I can print some of my own things @ home, but it is SO cool. I can even use it for things other than just creating scrapbooks. I made our Christmas card this year.I also made invitations & handouts for our Young Women New Beginnings program.For those of you who haven't heard yet, they added the value of Virtue to the Young Women's Theme. So, I made a cute handout for the girls.I really like the way things have turned out. It's a lot easier to create the project, save it & upload the file to Sams Club for printing.

I was introduced to it by a friend of mine who has also really gotten into digital scrapping. I was kind of worried at first, because I really like all of the paper, stickers, di-cuts, punches, scissors, embellishments, etc. But, my new obsession is getting FREE digital scrapbooking stuff. Sometimes, it's only a piece or 2. Other times, it's a mini-kit or add-on, or even a full kit FULL of stuff. I have also discovered how to get all my freebies into my program so that I can manipulate them (add drop shadows, etc.) just like the embellishments & papers that came in the program itself.

I have found some really good blogs with ladies making some very cute kits. My favorite spot has become Digital Designs by Nicole. I am signed up for her mailing list, and she releases several things per week.

I also like going to DigiFree. It is a search engine that lists a ton of freebies. It is, however, very time-consuming because you have to go through each link.

Through my explorations, I have recently found many blogs & websites where people share their kits & creations. Some of the best I found lately with TONS of free stuff are Summertime Designs, Pimp Your Scrapbook and The Scrappin' Cop. I also really like some of the stuff I found at Free Digital Scrapbooking and Shabby Princess.

I am now totally obsessed with "collecting" as much of these freebies as I can. I know it's crazy, because I'll NEVER be able to use everything. I am just overcome with the thrill of being on my treasure hunt & actually finding a ton of prizes. Join me, won't you?

UPDATE: I also found Mommy Scraps that has some MORE really cute stuff.

My 2008 Photobook

I have been busy, but not getting much done lately. So, I haven't been blogging a lot. Besides that, I haven't had much to write about. Last week, Adam participated in Pinewood Derby, but I am waiting for Bryan to get the video clips off of the camcorder & into a format I can use.

This year for Christmas, I made a photobook to give to my mom, mother-in-law & Gramma 2(Bry's Gram). I also saved it in a different format, so I could share it here. Enjoy.