We Do Not Kiss Our Friends...

This morning, I hosted our YW Presidency meeting at my house. The 4 of us are friends & work very well together. It's a bonus that we're all pretty much in the same stage of life & all have kids about the same age. We discuss our agenda items, while the kids play & entertain each other (for the most part, anyway). There are always a few squabbles over toys, etc. but they work it out. Between the 4 of us, we have 14 children. Half are in school, which leaves 7 (18months - 4yrs) with us. 3 of them are my pretty little girls. The rest are boys.

One of the boys goes to preschool with the girls and is in Adelaide's primary class at church. When he was leaving, Adelaide kissed him! Yes, on the lips. He just smiled his shy, goofy smile & hid/wiped his face on his sleeve. How do you explain to a little, bitty girl that we don't kiss our friends? We had the same problem a few weeks ago when visiting a friend's house. - Only, that time, it was Mia. She was kissing her friend C while his sisters, Adam & Adelaide all laughed & told them to go-on.

So, I guess I'm in for trouble. Three beautiful little girls right in a row. They ALREADY have fought over who will marry C. Adelaide has decided that she will marry A (the boy she kissed today), so that's worked itself out. What? They keep saying stuff like "When I'm sixteen I'll marry..." I had to tell them that they will be a little older than that. "You want him to go on his mission, right?"

I guess all I can do is just take it one-day-at-a-time. But, for the meantime... "We DO NOT Kiss our Friends."


Nicole said…
Your blog redesign is absolutly awesome. I love these colors for the blog. So cute. Thanks for sharing! :D
oh no! LOL! No doubt your sweet little girls were just being cute and had other motive. I'm not sure what I would say to my kids if they did the same thing. With my boys I am constantly working on what is appropriate and what is crude. I almost think I'm fighting a losing battle. Also I love your blog design. I would love to learn more about digital scrapbooking and yet I am not ready to give up all the paper and scrapbooking gear. At this rate I am so far behind maybe I can catch up doing it digitally??? Is it expensive to have pages printed?
Jess said…
Awww how cute!!! What little sweethearts!! Yeah you are in for quite an interesting time with 3 teenage girls! Makes me glad I only have one. LOL

God luck with that! =)

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