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2011. Wow...It's Over?

2011 was a great year for our little family. Little Avery has been growing like a weed.
Here is a picture of Allison & Avery way back in February. YES...Allison STILL gives Avery A LOT of attention on a daily basis.
We were proud of Adam's decision to be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood in March. So glad Papa & the Cowands could join us too.
Grandma Pat came to visit us in the spring. We took everyone over to the Wildlife Prairie Park near Peoria. It was a lovely day & lots of fun. - Especially the HUGE slide!
What a great-looking bunch!
Look! Mommy's a beautiful butterfly!
Watching them feed the Bison.
Park Ranger Adam?
Family Photo Opp...
Cutie Pie!
I think she dressed appropriately for her personality. - She was our guide, complete with map-in-hand.
Adam "riding" the little antelope statue.
We had a great vacation in June. It was a little crazy, when it got moved up & extended by a whole week. We spent almost 2 weeks with our AZ family (including…