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My Fun Little Project

Do you ever just ignore those coupons that print out at the grocery store?

I seem to get MORE than my fair share of "$10 off when you change your prescription to ___" coupons. Many times I get coupons for things that I've just purchased (and probably won't need more of before the expiration) and competing or name brands of things I purchase. Sometimes, I get some that say $ of a certain purchase of $ in bread/meat/store brand/etc. Occasionally, I get those coupons for actual $$ off any purchase. Usually, they end up in my pocket or wallet only to be found after it's too late.

Well, recently I received one that I got rather excited about. - I got one from Cub Foods with a code for a free 8" X 8" photobook. I became very excited, because at the very least, we were talking a savings of at least $20 for a softbound book. As I added the code to the site, I was even more surprised to find that it was actually a hard-bound book offer. Wow!

I knew that I'd…

February Fun

Wow...I don't know what has come over me. I mean 2 posts in one month? Yay ME! Anyway, I just had a few pictures I wanted to share of some fun stuff from the last couple of weeks.

I love this picture of Avery. Somehow, I remember the other 3 girls having a bit more hair around a year, but I was still able to force it into a cute little ponytail on her head. - I heard all kinds of giggles and side-comments about "the cute little baby & her tiny pony on top of her head".
I found some big cinnamon rolls at Sam's Club. My kids really like them...ALL of my kids.
My Valentine made me a new pantry. We took down the stuff out of the tiny coat closet & put up some shelves. - I've filled it right up. So far, it's pretty organized...That probably won't last too long. Either way, I love all the extra space I have now. Thanks Honey!
Allison's birthday was on a Tuesday this year. She asked me why the other kids didn't have school on their birthday. W…

Pictures. PiCTuReS. PICTURES!

Well, life happens when we're trying to accomplish something else...I decided it was time to post some pictures for (mostly) the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles to see.  I'm just impressed that I've had the wherewithall to grab the camera & snap a few pics here & there. Sometimes I forget that I really enjoy taking my kids' photos. Unfortunately, I don't get many good ones of Adam, because...well, let's just say he's less-than-cooperative?  Oh Yeah. He's 12. Well, here we go...

This collage needs a little explaination. - I have been working on a project making a quilt for my Sister-in-law (and her baby boy due in April). Since I needed a large workspace, I've been working at the dining room table & storing the sewing stuff in a corner. Avery apparently LOVES the spools of thread. Don't know if it's the colors or the plastic case or just the number of little things all together to play with, but she was EXTREMELY upset with me. N…