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Just for Fun...

Not too long ago, I got a new laptop. Yup, it's amazing to me how SLOW my old was was actually moving. Anyhoo, I have rediscovered my digiscrapping hobby. (It probably has A LOT to do with the fact that the kids have started school & 2 afternoons a week Allison is gone while Avery naps.) Today, I cranked out this little collage of Miss Avery (who is now 9 months old!). It's very simple, but I really wanted the pictures to shine. It's amazing to see how much this little lady has changed over the last little while.  (Click & it should open larger)
Still no crawling. Every day, as I watch her Booty-scoot across the floor, I am more & more convinced that her next step will be STEPS...Walking, WOW! Hopefully, she'll wait just a little longer for me. If she's true to her siblings, I've got another couple of months. (Please?)

My Crazy Little Booty Baby

I just really wanted to share these, mostly with my friends & family who don't see us often. Just a little background - When Adam was a baby, he would get SO excited & bounce on his butt. He literally would bounce so high, he came off the ground. Sometimes, he would get so high, his legs were 1/2 straightened & other times we would fling himself forwards onto his hands & knees. In any case, it was hilarious to watch my little jumping-bean of a baby bounce around. After having 3 little sisters, and none of them developing this habit, I was convinced it was just another quirky "Adam-Thing".

NOPE! Avery has gradually come to bounce, and has even adapted it to develop her own method of transport. She's 9months in another few days, and refuses to crawl on all fours like a "normal" kid. I guess she really does belong in this family!

This was taken back in July. Sorry I didn't post it sooner Jess!

This one was taken in August, and she seems to …