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Baby Belly

Look! No feet. 12 weeks more. Bummer.Wait! I see one.Wow...Photography really IS all about perspective.

Baby Plans

So, the time is quickly approaching when our little blessing will be here. I'm sure it's that I'm nesting, but probably a little of my "grand plans" always popping up in the form of "projects". Well, I finished ONE project. I made several very cute blankets. They are flannel & about a yard, which is a good size. I love the way they turned out, and each has it's own look about it.I love ladybugs for little girls. I actually let Mia & Adelaide choose between red or black for the backing. I think it's awesome with the black ric rac.This is probably the simplest blankie, but still very cute.I think this may be my favorite. I love the contrast of the yellow ric rac & the fabrics.This is the fabric Allison picked out. I had a hard time convincing her that it was for the baby. She had such a hard time, I had to buy a little extra so I can make her a matching fairy pillowcase. Then her pillow will match the baby's blankie. Such cute fabr…

Back-2-School Again...

I DO realize that it is the middle of September, and I have not taken time to post back to school shots of the kids. We've been living & adjusting, merging our new schedules with our old schedules. Adam is in 6th grade now, which is at the Junior High. I was a little worried for him, just because it's hard to juggle 7-8 different subjects with 6-7 different teachers. So far, he seems to be very responsible & doing very well.
Amelia is now in 1st grade, and Adelaide began Kindergarten. Mia loves school and is doing very well.
Every Monday, there is an assembly where the Principal talks to the kids, acknowledges birthdays, etc. The kids seem to really like it. On the first day, I had to stay with Adelaide, but I still managed to snap a photo of Mia in her class.Kindergarten only had school for 1 hour on the 1st day. It was more of an orientation / come drop off your supplies kind of day. I love how she's ready to get to work. Too bad you have to wait.Adelaide & her…