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Baby Pictures...Finally!

OK, so it only took me a month to update & post pictures of the newest Keech in our home. Well, here are a month of pictures of her.Avery Madge Keech December 8, 2010 6lb 15oz - 19in. Mommy did MUCH better this time...SO Happy it's OVER!Tiny feetMommy loves you.Here THEY come!Proud big sisters. How Sweet!Nana was a huge help to me. I'm so lucky to have a mother willing to help, and a father willing to share her. Allison is the most excited of all. However, she needs to learn to be softer! We happened to have a surprise visit from Santa in the hospital.Wow...I'm now the mother of 5! Crazy!Quiet moment with my alert newborn.When she was first born, the pediatrician heard a heart murmur. She had to have an EKG & and eco-cardiogram. It didn't hurt her, but she looked terrible hooked to all those wires. Poor thing.
The kids got to come down each day after dinner to see me & Avery. They were a little annoyed at me that I made them go to school instead of missing. …