Birthday Girl

Here are the great cake pictures. 2 years old? Can she really be 2 already. Wow. I LOVE this picture (ignore the cluttered kitchen)...such a funny smile! Here are the kids waiting to "help" blow out the candles. Isn't she too cute? I got Allison got some fun things. She got a play purse with lots of little girly things to go in it.
She also got an Aquadoodle mat & a Little People playset.Here's a cute little video of the kids playing.
Today, we received a package with gifts from Grandma & Katy. Fun, Fun. She got a play puppy & another dolly.Allison especially likes the baby doll. It talks, and Allison thinks it's funny. It's really knows some of it's body parts (eyes, ears, tummy, toes, etc.)I thought it was adorable that they matched. What a coincidence that I'd dress her in the same outfit? What a goofy smile!Of course, we get the camera out & everyone wants in on the action. Allison is such a good sport to put up with all the hanging on her. What a cutie!


Jess said…
Happy Birthday Allison!!! No no no no no no no cannot change her diaper!!! How dare you mention that on film!!! What were you thinking mom! Gosh!!!

She sure is a cutie!! Love those rosy cheeks!
Mary said…
What cluttered kitchen?
Muche's Smala said…
Happy Birthday baby :) She is sooo cute!
Blackson's said…
Your children are beautiful Kim. I can't believe how quick time flies by. I love your blog.

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