October 25, 2009

The Haunted Trail

This year, we went to the Haunted Trail (a couple weeks ago).

There is a Nature (?) Trail that meanders through part of town. People walk, run & bike on this paved pathway. For Halloween, the town closes a portion so it can be decorated with displays & spooky things that transform it into the Haunted Trail. It is similar to going to a haunted house. The first weekend, they do a not-so-scary trail that is more kid/family friendly.
We parked & rode a little shuttle bus over to the festivities. Then, we had to WAIT in line. It wasn't too bad, but it's always hard for kids to wait.It was a little chilly. When we left, I think I underestimated how chilly. We were OK in our sweatshirts, but I was worried about the kids being cold. Next year, we wear the big coats.The kids were entertained for quite a while by the little "Tiger" behind us in line.
Finally, it was OUR turn. I carried Allison, while the other 2 girls held daddy's hand. Allison just stared wide-eyed at everything as I talked to her. Amelia CRIED! She kept talking about wanting to go back, but we could only go forward. Bryan said that Adelaide held his hand, then held onto his wrist with the other. Poor girl. Adam walked with us like it was no-big-deal (it wasn't - NONE of the ghouls jump out, grab you or follow you on kids' night). The best part was where Adam was walking backwards and turned around, just as he came up to a mummy standing beside it's sarcophagus. SO FUNNY! He was startled & jumped SO high. We finally came to the end, where they had hot cocoa & face painting. I think Adam drank 5 or 6 cups of cocoa. Crazy. The girls got their faces painted, which made them quickly forget their terrifying trail experience.The lady had some people helping her. They painted the "base", then the kids sat & waited their turns. It went REALLY quick. We even convinced Allison to get painted too.

Amelia Kitty
Adelaide ButterflyAllison Butterfly

October 22, 2009

My Tutu Two Year Old

So, this year I made the girls costumes (an experiment to see if I could actually save money, rather than spending $60-75 for 3 Princess dresses). More pictures will be forthcoming as they have a chance to actually wear them. Anyway, I decided a while ago that Allison would be a ballerina. I figured, "How hard could it be to make a tutu?" Well, it didn't turn out quite as I envisioned, but with some trimming & adjustments, it DID turn out pretty cute.The only problem, now Allison won't take it off. If she sees it, she takes it & (even though she still has trouble putting on NORMAL clothes) puts it on. So...Today she is wearing a pink tutu over her clothes, even though it doesn't match & it's NOT Halloween. Whatever. I guess I should be glad that she wants to wear it.

October 19, 2009

Curly Shirley

You would think that with 3 little girls, I would have LOTS of opportunities to do cute stuff with their hair. Well, more often than not, they are content with a simple headband or pony tail, sometimes 1 or 2. And occasionally, they will let me braid their hair.

Often, if I want to actually "style" their hair, I am in for a fight. One day, while rummaging through my bathroom cabinet, Amelia found the foam rollers & decided she wanted curls. Isn't she cute in her rollers & nightgown?Unfortunatey, it was rainy the next day so the curls didn't stay as long as they might have. But, her hair turned out super-cute.Very curly & bouncy. I think the bounce was her favorite part. My favorite was watching her walk, so her hair bounced as she went. Funny.Isn't she sweet?Yes, we can't forget Allison's attempt at the spotlight. She thought she was so funny blowing spit-bubbles.

October 4, 2009

...When September Ends

Have you ever heard the Green Day song that goes "Wake me up, when September ends"? OK, well most of their stuff is un-listen-to-able because of the language, but I do like me a bit of Green Day.

Anywho...September is over ALREADY and now it's officially October. I don't feel like we DID much, but at the same time, I feel like I have been CONSTANTLY running here, there & EVERYWHERE. So, what have we been up to? Well, soccer season started just as September began, so we've been spending our fair-share (and then some) at practices (2X per week) and games on Saturday. It's a good thing I've decided that I like soccer. *smile*

Adam also received a ton of awards (some pins, some belt loops) at the Cub scout pack meeting. He was very excited. I guess I need to go get him the ribbon-thing to put the pins on & a cub scout belt to put the loops on. Add those to my to-do list. Also on my list lately has been exercise. Yeah, I know...who would've guessed? Well, I joined a local gym (that many of my friends frequent) and have been going at least 3X a week for the last 3 weeks. My plan is to go Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday while Adelaide is @ preschool. I meet a friend & it's been working very well so far. It's great to have someone checking up on, er...in with you. We've actually gone MORE than our 3X and even taken some classes. I like it so far & it gives me somewhere to go, rather than just wandering Walmart (saves me a little $$ too). What else??

For Labor Day (yeah, I haven't blogged in a while), we went to our ward's annual Labor Day picnic. The Elder's Quorum provides the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns & fixin's. Then, everyone pot luck's sides & desserts. It's usually pretty fun. The kids run around the playground, play with their friends & eat the foods (junk foods mostly) they love. I like it, because I can sit in the shade & chat with my friends. Aaah...it's a good thing. Allison loves chips. I'm not sure if she actually ate much of anything else...maybe part of her hot dog.Sometimes I wonder what kids think about. I mean, usually I DO know, because it's coming out of their mouth. But, Mia just looks very pensive.I LOVE this one of my little Adam. Notice the DOUBLE burger & the very simple 3-item meal. We wouldn't want to fill up on silly things like fruits & veggies, or (heaven forbid) some pasta salad.Some random pics of the kids getting ready for church one Sunday. Can you tell that he's saying DON'T take a picture of him?What's a camera for, if a mom can't take silly pics of her kids & post them on the blog? Speaking of that, it reminds me of something that happened yesterday. Adam has had a VERY MESSY room for a couple of weeks. He was finally told that he would be grounded until he got it cleaned up. Well, I don't know what it is about my kids, but they ALL throw tantrums when you talk about grounding. *insert frustrated sigh* Adam began whining & complaining (which usually irritates me even more), but I said to Adelaide, "Go get Mommy's camera. I'm going to take a picture of Adam crying & put it on my blog." No, I don't think I'd really do it (who wants to see that anyway), but for a minute it made him smile & almost laugh as he caught himself. He was still upset, but I think he got the point & cut-it-out.Aren't they sweet? I think they're in a funny stage lately. They (all 3) are fighting & bickering constantly. They fight over toys, books, food (I promise I feed them), where to sit, who gets to sit by dad, who gets to sit by mom (they like dad better), etc. Adam even gets in on the bickering more than you'd think that he would being 10, and they are only 5, 4 & 2. *breathe* Patience is a virtue...Allison's first Pop Rocks (I think). Hey! This candy feels funny.What could be more fun than Pop Rocks??
Preschool started up again. Adelaide is in the same preschool by herself this year. She was thrilled to learn that she has one big kid buddy that is the same, Lauren.Adelaide likes her new buddy Meg, but she's been on crutches for the last week+ after her foot-surgery. She sees her in class, but one of the other big kids have been bringing her out to the car after preschool.Another random shot of Allison. Crazy Allison. She's wearing MY socks & where did her shirt go?I finally got motivated & painted the downstairs bathroom. When we moved in, it was painted kind of a redish color with a metallic faux finish of some sort. It looked pretty copper in places. After living with it for about a year, I was ready to paint...which is when I picked the color & bought the paint. NOW, a year later, I was ready to scream if I had to live with it any longer. OK, maybe it's a bit apostate, but instead of watching the Saturday morning session of Conference, I was painting. I LOVE it. Bryan & I picked out new fixtures & even installed them. I was so impressed that we finished all of our project in one day. And now the pics.I bought this @ TJ Max to hang in the upstairs bathroom, but never did. It now has the perfect home in the weird little corner above the toilet.I love this little pice too. Can you believe I found it on clearance for $5? I thought of re-painting it, but I love the blue.

My fancy new faucet is so cool looking. I even got the towel holder & TP holder to match. I also found some cute blue towels & soap pump with butterflies, and I am very happy with the end result.Today, we had our friends over for lunch & spent the afternoon together. We loved having them over. We especially like their new little guy lately. Allison loved looking at him, touching his hand & giving him his binky. She even got to "hold" him. In reality, she sat on my lap & I held him in her lap. She sure thought she was BIG stuff.Well, let October begin...well...continue.