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The Haunted Trail

This year, we went to the Haunted Trail (a couple weeks ago).

There is a Nature (?) Trail that meanders through part of town. People walk, run & bike on this paved pathway. For Halloween, the town closes a portion so it can be decorated with displays & spooky things that transform it into the Haunted Trail. It is similar to going to a haunted house. The first weekend, they do a not-so-scary trail that is more kid/family friendly.
We parked & rode a little shuttle bus over to the festivities. Then, we had to WAIT in line. It wasn't too bad, but it's always hard for kids to wait.It was a little chilly. When we left, I think I underestimated how chilly. We were OK in our sweatshirts, but I was worried about the kids being cold. Next year, we wear the big coats.The kids were entertained for quite a while by the little "Tiger" behind us in line.
Finally, it was OUR turn. I carried Allison, while the other 2 girls held daddy's hand. Allison just stared wide-ey…

My Tutu Two Year Old

So, this year I made the girls costumes (an experiment to see if I could actually save money, rather than spending $60-75 for 3 Princess dresses). More pictures will be forthcoming as they have a chance to actually wear them. Anyway, I decided a while ago that Allison would be a ballerina. I figured, "How hard could it be to make a tutu?" Well, it didn't turn out quite as I envisioned, but with some trimming & adjustments, it DID turn out pretty cute.The only problem, now Allison won't take it off. If she sees it, she takes it & (even though she still has trouble putting on NORMAL clothes) puts it on. So...Today she is wearing a pink tutu over her clothes, even though it doesn't match & it's NOT Halloween. Whatever. I guess I should be glad that she wants to wear it.

Curly Shirley

You would think that with 3 little girls, I would have LOTS of opportunities to do cute stuff with their hair. Well, more often than not, they are content with a simple headband or pony tail, sometimes 1 or 2. And occasionally, they will let me braid their hair.

Often, if I want to actually "style" their hair, I am in for a fight. One day, while rummaging through my bathroom cabinet, Amelia found the foam rollers & decided she wanted curls. Isn't she cute in her rollers & nightgown?Unfortunatey, it was rainy the next day so the curls didn't stay as long as they might have. But, her hair turned out super-cute.Very curly & bouncy. I think the bounce was her favorite part. My favorite was watching her walk, so her hair bounced as she went. Funny.Isn't she sweet?Yes, we can't forget Allison's attempt at the spotlight. She thought she was so funny blowing spit-bubbles.

...When September Ends

Have you ever heard the Green Day song that goes "Wake me up, when September ends"? OK, well most of their stuff is un-listen-to-able because of the language, but I do like me a bit of Green Day.

Anywho...September is over ALREADY and now it's officially October. I don't feel like we DID much, but at the same time, I feel like I have been CONSTANTLY running here, there & EVERYWHERE. So, what have we been up to? Well, soccer season started just as September began, so we've been spending our fair-share (and then some) at practices (2X per week) and games on Saturday. It's a good thing I've decided that I like soccer. *smile*

Adam also received a ton of awards (some pins, some belt loops) at the Cub scout pack meeting. He was very excited. I guess I need to go get him the ribbon-thing to put the pins on & a cub scout belt to put the loops on. Add those to my to-do list. Also on my list lately has been exercise. Yeah, I know...who would've guessed? …