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March is LONG Gone...April will Shortly Follow

March was a relatively quite month, until our Birthday Marathon toward the end. This March was particularly special, because Amelia turned 8. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (I am a Mormon), and the age of 8 is when children can choose to be baptized & become members of the Church. We were very happy to have Nana & Papa come from Utah. We were grateful Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Katy could come from Arizona. It was a great experience for a special little girl. We missed all those who could not attend, but are thankful for those who came tom support her.
Adam got to go on a backpacking trip with the Scouts over spring break. He was a little sad to leave before Grandma & Grandpa left, but he had a good time...He would've complained about our activities anyway. Since this was Katy's first trip to visit, we took her to Chicago. We had to look around Millennium Park.
The girls LOVED checking out American Girl...
A couple of days after ever…