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Zucchini Bread

Well, I used our Monster to make Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. As you can see, the kids really liked them. Shhh...Don't tell them they're zucchini.

Instead of making bread, I made muffins - regular & mini-sized. I made 3 batches with all the zucchini I had. These are the ones I ended up freezing. I had more than this that we ate in a couple of days & shared with the missionaries when they came for dinner. All in all, I think (from 3 batches) I ended up with 8-9 dozen mini-muffins and about 5-6 dozen regular muffins.
I was super-happy with the way they turned out. Because of the cocoa, I was able to hide the GREEN from the zucchini. If you look carefully, there is a little. But the kids like them so much, they scarf them down - probably without even tasting them. Yummy, yummy. This is definitely a recipe I will use again.


Quirks / Things You May Not Know About Me

I tell 6 unsuspecting quirks about myself and then I tag 6 people that follow my blog and ask them to do the same to 6 people they know etc...

Wow! Thanks a lot Jess...This is really hard. What to say?

1. I marched with the band on the Flag Line in High School and...LOVED it. I was very shy up until the end of my sophomore/ beginning of my Junior year when I forced myself to join the flag line, speech team & drama club. I know. Me, shy?? You think? I was one of the first to master a 360 toss over the head (like a helicopter). I also LOVED performing for pep-assemblies. My Senoir year, I had a crush on the drum major. He had a nice butt & a couple of us would cat-call as we stood waiting to march onto the field.

2. Now, I look back on high school...I was quiet, but I was pretty forward for a girl...bordering on STALKER. I can think of 2 boys in HS that I put notes in their locker telling them I liked them. The first was a senior when I was …

The Monster in the Garden!

OK, so this was not a typical year here. It was really cold up until Mother's day in May. I think it was July before the high temperature hit 70. We planted our experimental garden this year & learned a lot. We got lots of zucchini the first time around, but not much else (maybe 1 yellow pepper & 2 red). Now, the plants have begun blooming again. We actually have some little tiny yellow squash & 2 itty-bitty butternut squash on the vines and some peppers. When Bry was gone, I actually checked the garden a few times, and even picked a zucchini & a yellow squash. Well, it just figures that he comes home & finds a MONSTER in our garden.Yeah, I know...CRAZY. So, I guess maybe we should plant our zucchini further apart next year. Somehow, this thing was able to grow and Grow and GROW without being discovered. WOW! Now, I need to figure out what to do with it. It probably won't be as good as the smaller, more tender veggies. I'm sure I'll think of somethi…

Another Sewing Success

My mother would be so proud...

When I was little, I remember being SO excited when my mom would make me a dress. Well, I am now excited to see my little girls wearing something that I made. I made a dress for Amelia (I sewed my first zipper), a skirt for Adelaide & little red bolero tops for both. They actually turned out really cute.
I love the butterfly fabric. It's so pretty. It's hard to see, but the red boleros have gold on them...I love the way it looks with the gold in the butterfly fabric.
I know, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. It's just like me. I'll probably do a project or two more, then put the sewing machine away again for a LONG time. I have fabric to make a little jumper for Allison. So, I've got to do that one next....

Missing My Boys

So, I miss the boys a lot. I should be in bed right now, especially knowing that the girls will wake ME up in the morning (instead of daddy). Today just seems to drag on & on. I did sew most of the afternoon & finished the PJ's tonight for the girls to wear them to bed. I've cleaned the family room & the kitchen and swept & mopped the tile. Those of you that know my "housekeeping" should get a kick out of this. Still, it feels good to sit in a clean room. There's still plenty that can get cleaned up another day. I mean, I still have 3 people helping me make messes.

It's not ALL bad though. All day, I've been listening to Breaking Dawn (book 4 in the Twilight Series). I know I'm like the last person, but I was reading Wicked & then Son of a Witch. These were pretty good, but very odd books. Surprised? Yeah, I know. I don't particularly think of reading as a leisure activity. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Overall, it was a…

More New PJ's

Well, here's my next attempt @ PJ's. I've decided that I don't like doing sleeves. What's up with patterns? I mean, do they ALL seem to run BIG?? Don't get me wrong...I KNOW I have abnormally petite, tiny little girls. They turned out pretty good with a few adjustments (shorter sleeves & overall length). The girls really like them. I'm glad. I feel a sense of accomplishment & appreciation. It's nice. Hmm. They turned out pretty wide, but still cute.
When I pulled out the camera, Allison immediately got over by the girls too.
Cute girls.
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Adelaide. She's so sweet.

Off To AZ

So...this afternoon, Bryan & Adam boarded the train for St. Louis. There, they will ride the metro to the airport & finally get on a plane to fly to AZ. I'm sad. I miss them already. Things get pretty boring around here during the day...And, it'll be pretty much more-of-the-same with them gone. Oh well. At least we'll make our effort to get out in the morning. The girls still have preschool & there's playgroup. It's funny. I really don't mind dragging all 3 girls around normally. But with the boys out-of-town, it just seems like a bigger thing than it is. Crazy. I know. Suck it up & get over it. I know. Well, I guess dinner should be easy. I made PB & J for the boys to eat on the train, and Mia & Adelaide decided that is what they want too. Am I really up for arguing? No. Besides, I don't really feel like cooking for just me (because they won't eat anything good anyway). PB & J for the girls....Now I can find something GOOD f…

New PJ's

OK, this is my first attempt at making a shirt of any kind. It's not too bad. I made PJ's for Adam. He really likes the Simpsons fabric that I chose. He's pretty impressed, so I guess that's what counts.He's a sweetie...when he wants to be. Love ya!

Fairy Princesses

I know, I have a problem. I have to confess...I have a dollar store problem. I like it. I found fairy wings & skirts for the girls. They LOVED them! I don't know what's up with Adelaide lately. I can't seem to keep her clothes on. Everytime she goes into the bathroom (at home), she comes out stripped down to her panties. Why can't she just pull them down like normal people?Allison says "Cheese!""Who you calling a 'fairy'? I'm a butterfly."What a diva! Such a princess-y smile, don't ya think?So, I guess we have a few more options for "dress up". Even Allison thought the whole thing was great fun.

Going to the Dentist

I kept reminding Adam that he had an appointment. His biggest anxiety was from not liking the fluoride treatment & hating the light shining in his eyes. (The rest, I guess, is a breeze?) Well, the hygienist let him wear this pair of sunglasses, and his fears were further alleviated when he learned that they had changed their fluoride too. What a lucky boy.On Thursday, Mia went to the Dentist for the first time. She was terribly EXCITED and could hardly wait for it to be her turn.She was very interested in everything! She wanted to watch everything that the hygienist did as she prepared to clean Mia's teeth.She was a brave little girl, and she did AWESOME! At one point, I reached to hold her hand (because I thought she was worried), and she didn't want it. What a brave little lady.Alas, each child has 2 small cavities that they will check again in 6 months. More brushing and flossing and brushing and flossing...It was good for Mia to hear that she needs to let me help her b…