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MAJOR Catch Up!

Well, I've become a victim of my life again, and have gotten caught up in the day-to-day activities. Yup, I haven't updated the blog in OVER 2 Months! Too bad this doesn't mean we've been living an un-eventful life. Here is a page that I did using the halloween pics I took this year. Adam came up with his own ninja costume & I bought him some cool swords. I actually got ambitious this year & made the girls' costumes. I was looking at a pattern (for dress-up clothes), and the girls decided that they BOTH wanted to be Rapunzel. - Therefore, the Rapunzel Twins were born, at least that's what they started calling themselves. I love how they turned out. Cute!
For Thanksgiving, this year, we drove to Utah to spend the holiday with my parents & siblings. We had lots of fun with family. We took the kids to Temple Square. It was fun to see the girls point to the temple & know that they recognized it from pictures. I also loved spending the day wandering I…