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Montgomery Academy 07-08

Amelia LOVED attending preschool this year.
She was part of a very active, very young class. In fact, it was a class of six 3-year olds. Thursday was the last day of preschool, and we had a party. They went through their daily routine to show the moms what they did at preschool.

I was particularly impressed with the sign-language that the kids knew. They learned one sign for each letter of the alphabet. It's fun to watch Adelaide in the middle trying to keep up. - She does pretty well. So CUTE!!!

They also did a play. - Mrs. Fata read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and the children acted out some of the lines. They were rolled into little balls & "popped" out of their eggs. They gobbled up the items from the story. Then, they made a cocoon out of the parachute that they could all fit under. Then they came out & waved the parachute as they were now beautiful butterflies. It was great!! Amelia enjoyed this year immensely.

Mommy Mia!

Yesterday, I was on the computer checking my email. Allison was napping & the girls were watching TV just in the next room. I could hear that they were playing Mommy & Baby. I could hear Mia telling Adelaide that she was stinky & Adelaide replying in her "baby voice" that yes, she was poopy. This interupted me & I asked about it. I only half heard something about not "real mom" I mean "pretend mom". (This is rather a regular occurrence in our house.) I don't know what exactly made me peek over the couch, but this is what I found - "Mommy" & "Baby" (complete with bottle).

"Mommy Mia" was changing "Baby Adelaide's" diaper! Just a couple of problems: Mommy didn't take off baby's diaper, she just put the new one over the top of the old - Second, it was Allison's diaper, there fore 2 sizes too small. They were laughing & so cute I couldn't help but laugh.

33 Years Young!?!

Happy Birthday to my oldest & dearest friend, Jessica. I miss you. I love you! You are awesome!

The Abominable Baby

OK, so I kind of like this blog thing now that I'm figuring some things out. Here's another video I wanted to share. I just think she's so cute trying to waddle around in this snowsuit. Believe it or not, this is from early April. Yup, we were still wearing our Heavy coats in April. Heck, we almost needed them today!!

Baby Wrestling

OK, so I don't download pics off the camera as often as I should. This is something I just HAD to share. We can't really be "Safe" laying on the floor with Allison around. This is pretty much how she behaves. This was SO funny. For the most part, Adelaide was laughing, until Allison really ended up with a big handful of her hair. Enjoy.

Another Weather Rant

I feel like I am constantly complaining about the weather. Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was humid, so the house was a little uncomfortable. The low was 65 with a high of only 80. Today, well today is drastically different. It is 48 right now, and it's only expected to be about 56 today (at the most). I guess we're staying inside (at least until Adam gets home). It also wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the dang wind. The wind blows SO hard here. Even if it was warm enough to play outside, it is TOO windy to even fly a kite. It would rip it away or tear it up. Oh well. I guess I should be thankful - I mean in another month, I'll be complaining that it's too hot, humid, and sunny... probably... maybe?.... I hope.

Mount Corolla

OK, I decided this one needed its own post. First, I have to explain that right now, while the weather is nice, we have the door open while the kids are outside. So the girls can come in & out, and so I can be inside & still peek to keep track of them. Well, I checked on them & no one was in the yard (we don't have a fence). I called for everyone (Adam is allowed to leave the yard, but must be able to hear me & come when I call). I heard Adelaide call to me & then Amelia came out of the garage. I asked about Adelaide & she said very calmly, "Adelaide is on the car Mommy." I asked why she was on the car & Amelia replied, "I got down myself." Classic - Does anyone else's kids tell on themselves?? Anyway, Adelaide was stuck & scared to get down by herself.

Isn't it just the way families are? The older ones "Teach" the younger ones.

What are the Keech's Up To???

Well, I am really looking forward to the end of the school year. I know I'm not very good @ this "Blogging" thing yet, but I thought I would give it another try. I had a hard time deciding where to start. I guess I think it's best to start with the fairly recent & move forward. If I am inspired, maybe I'll go back & post extra tidbits that I haven't been able to share.

Anyway, school is almost out. Adam is restless and ready to be out for the summer. He's a good boy for the most part - Though he drives me crazy sometimes with all his ENERGY. I am severely outnumbered. As much as Adam is crazy, he is a big help with his sisters. I know he gets annoyed, but they love to play with him. Amelia, especially has a hard time understanding that she is only 4 & cannot do EVERYTHING her 9 yr old brother can do. Oh Well.

So, what are we up to? Everyone plays outside a lot. The Amelia & Adelaide love the swings, and Allison just loves everyt…