Chuck E. Cheese...Yay!??!

I decided to suck-it-up and take the family to Chuck E. Cheese for Allison's birthday. In AZ, the kids really liked going to Peter Piper Pizza for pizza & games. We've been here 2 years, and I've managed NOT to make it into Chuck E. Cheese. The kids have asked many times, but it just hasn't happened. So, I thought it would be a treat for them. A friend of mine gave me some coupons & I printed some off the Internet too. We got tons of tokens, pizza & soda for everyone. We had a pretty good time, except for 3 emotional meltdowns - ALL thanks to Mia. One meltdown because she wanted to play a specific game, another when we were down to our last 2 tokens (one for Adelaide & one for Mia). Her final tantrum was on the way out when she changed her mind at the last minute about which prize she wanted (after our turn was over). We'll have to think seriously about another birthday @ Chuck E. Cheese. - Mia says she wants to have her birthday there next month. We will have to wait & see.
Birthday Girl
Mia really liked this ride. Aah, to be young & small. It was very slow & only went around 3 times, but it could have been a roller coaster judging from the excitement.Mia talked me into letting Allison try the ride. She was a little worried at first, but she liked it too.Adam loved burning through tokens & got lots of tickets. - One good thing was that every game is only 1 token to play.What a cutie!Daddy got in on the action too. He had fun playing AfterBurner. Go Daddy!


Jess said…
LOL It looks like everyone had lots of fun. Well, minus the 3 meltdownsm from Miss Mia. Yay for Allison. And Bry looks very intense on the game there. LOL As for good ole Chuck E Cheese. You are a better mom than I am because I refuse to take my kids there or to Peter Piper Pizza.
How fun! Chuck E Cheese is one of Ian's most favorite places and sadly we haven't been able to take him for the last several months. Once we get the green light, you can bet we will be going.... lol! It's so fun to watch the kids have a blast and get excited!!!!
Mary said…
The pictures of Allison are all so funny! Charles used to always scrunch his face up like that. I also love the other post with her coat -- so cute!
Jen said…
My kids ask me all the time if we can go to Chuck E. Cheese. While I do like that they have a good time when we go, it's 30-40 minutes away and the only day we can do that is on Friday or Saturday...NOT GONNA TO HAPPEN! Your little birthday girl is so cute! I love all the expressions on her face. By the way, your background turned out cute!

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