Mia's First Talk

Last week, Amelia was terribly excited to inform us that she had been selected to give the talk this week. She was so proud of herself. She went back & forth about who she wanted to help her (whisper in her ear) - Mom or Dad? I won, I guess. She picked me to help her, but I guilt-ed Bry into coming to watch. After all, this WAS her 1st talk & she's so excited...

Here is the talk that we wrote for her.
Before we were born, we lived with Heavenly Father.
We chose to come to Earth.
Heavenly Father created families for us.
In my family, I have a mom, a dad, a big brother and 2 little sisters.
I like to play dress-up with Adelaide.
I like to build Legos with Adam.
I like to play dolls with Allison.
Families teach us how to be good.
We say prayers and spend time together.
Families love each other.
I can be with my family forever.In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

She took her little paper into Primary. She sat in the special chair at the front of the room marked "Talk". She smiled & sang the opening songs & quietly listened as the prayer & scripture were shared. Then it was her turn. She looked at me, smiled & hopped out of her chair and up to the podium. I whispered the first line into her ear, and she repeated the words into the microphone. Then the 2nd line. I whispered the 3rd line to her. She said, "What?" I repeated myself, slower. She shook her head & hid her face in my side. I tried to get her to continue, but no such luck. I shared the rest of her talk & she went to sit with her class.

Poor thing. I think she just got up there & realized that EVERYONE was looking @ her. I thought it was sad, but a little funny. She's said the prayer and the theme (both with help from mom) before with no trouble. I don't know why this was SO different. Oh well, maybe next time.


Jess said…
Awww bless her little heart! I think she was brilliant! You go Mia!!!!
Mary said…
I have also been privileged to give many a talk in Primary. I am sure that you did a lovely job. Go Kim!

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