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Christian Rock??

Yesterday morning, while I was finishing my breakfast, Adelaide picked up her guitar (which has dead batteries at the moment). She started singing, "I am a child of God..." It was SO cute! I made her do it again so I could get it on video. I apologize - She's very quiet & has a tiny little voice. I know, weird.Of course, not wanting to be out-done or lose her chance to be the center of the universe, here we have Mia Montana singing "I Lived in Heaven". Gotta love the bed-head.

Happy Spring!

I found this on photobucket, and wanted to share. I love daisies & ladybugs. They're so cute. It's finally feeling like spring. Enjoy it while you can! I know I will.

Move Over Emeril & Paula Deen!

I wonder sometimes how Chefs come up with some of the flavor combinations out there. I mean, I LOVE food. Well, we won't go there. Experience has taught me that people have many different taste pallets & note everything will appeal to all. I love the adventure (usually) of tasting new foods & (even better) trying new restaurants. My kids are a totally different story. Adam seems to get better with trying new foods as he gets older. Adelaide won't try ANYTHING, and Allison takes he cues from others (some good, some bad). Amelia though, seems to be the most willing (usually) to try new foods. She is also the one with the crazy taste pallet. She tries the weirdest things together.

Today, she had a lunchable that came with pudding. She was eating cheese & cracker dipped in chocolate pudding. *shudder* Another of her faves is dipping her cheeseburger into her caramel sauce for her McDonald's apples. When she has chicken nuggets, she dips them in BBQ sauce, then caram…

Just Dandy!

With the weather warming up a bit and all the rain we've been getting lately, we have seen many pretty, little flowers around the neighborhood. Yes, I mean Dandelions. Listening to Mia & Adelaide, you'd think these things were as desirable & beautiful as roses - rather than the weeds that they are. These 2 are just too cute picking flowers just as happy as they can be. I don't mind, because if they pick them, they won't grow into the puffy dandelions. I do have one rule though...No Dandelions in the house. So, they pick them. Play for a bit (usually getting married), then they leave their flowers on the BBQ grill or in a pile by the door. Maybe I'm too harsh, but I don't think I need a cup full of water & dead weeds sitting on my kitchen counter. I know. Mean Mom.They each had a little bouquet. Yup, there were lots in our yard, but there are even more in other yards. I guess I should be glad to have them picked. Now, if they could pull out the rest …

Easter Egg Hunting

On Saturday before Easter, we had a ward breakfast & egg hunt. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs. Can you tell I forgot the baskets? - Allison with her Walmart bag...too cute.
For the little kids (Nursery & younger), they put the eggs on the ground in the grass. Allison took a bit to understand that she was supposed to pick up the eggs.Nana held her bag for her & had to coax her into putting the eggs in the bag, so she could pick up more.I think it was Nana that might have showed her that there was candy in them.
Daddy went with Adelaide & Amelia. They were happy with their finds too. The big kids did their hunting in another area. Adam came running so we could leave. This picture (above) is so funny to me. Easter morning, we had a yummy breakfast of butterscotch rolls. Then everyone found their baskets. Yay CANDY!! Our Stake Conference was on Easter Sunday, and my parents were still visiting, so we kinda ditched. Oops.Here are a couple of funny pics of the kids.…

Carthage & Nauvoo

When my folks came, my dad wanted to visit Nauvoo. I told him that if he was coming all this way, he needed to go to Carthage. It is an experience to go to Carthage jail & stand in the dungeon room where Joseph Smith & Hyrum were held. It's a somber thought to sit in the room where the mob came to kill the Prophet & his companions.
I watch a lot of crime-drama, so it's not hard for me to picture the horrific sight of Hyrum being shot through the door as he tried to keep it closed.
There's just a special feeling at Carthage that tells you that it is an important place. The mob shot Joseph from outside, through the window & from behind him in the house. He fell out from the 2nd story window & laid in this courtyard.After leaving Carthage, we went on to Nauvoo. We didn't have too much time by the time we got there, but we did several things.
We saw the Nauvoo Temple and the Joseph & Hyrum monument. We went to the bakery & got a Gingerbread man...m…

A Visit From Nana & Papa

It's been a while since I last posted, but we had a lovely visit from Nana & Papa (my parents). They needed a little vacation & came to see us. We met them in Chicago and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, before coming home.The kids really like the animals. We especially like the monkeys (maybe that's because they act like monkeys). We were watching these monkeys & mommy monkey turned around & had a baby hanging onto her - a little, BLONDE baby. Too cute.
Adam wanted to take pictures. I did let him take a few.
It had to fight to get my own camera back from him.
Adam loves taking pictures, but most were of animals & objects. How do I make him understand that he needs to take pics of people, not just stuff? I guess I just have to tell him what to take pics of, then delete the pointless ones. He did take a few good ones. I like this one.
One of his last photos was of him trying to pick Bry's nose? OK, the back-story...I told Adam I'd pay him $5 if he could get…

11 Years Putting Up with Me

I KNOW I am not the easiest person to get along with. Believe it or not, I am sometimes pretty difficult to tolerate. Well, yesterday was my anniversary. Yup, 11 yrs ago, I married my best friend, the love of my life, for Time & Eternity in the Mesa, AZ temple.
We've known each other now for almost 15 years, and it still amazes me that I can still learn something new about him. We've had great times & some really hard times, but I know that what we have is good and right. I know I take him for granted sometimes. He's a great dad with a good sense of humor (a little twisted like mine). My heart is just so full, and I felt so un-grateful not to share. I know that my behavior does not always show love, but I am so grateful for you Bry. I love you & look forward to spending (like forever) many more years together.