25 Things

OK, so I'm on Facebook & a couple people have "tagged" me to do this. I figured I might as well post it in both places. I know it's dumb, but I've been thinking a lot about this, but we'll both have to see if I can come up with 25 things.

1. I am the oldest of 7 kids. 4 brothers then my 2 sisters are #6 & #7.
2. I was born in Phoenix, AZ & grew up (mostly) there.
3. I have lived in Tucson, AZ & San Diego, CA. We moved back to Phoenix when I was 7, and I lived there until 2 years ago.
4. I moved to IL 2 years ago. - It is the farthest East I have lived.
5. I met my husband before his mission, but I did not "wait for him". I was actually engaged to someone else while he was gone.
6. I went to NYC and I went up in the World Trade Center the year before 911 happened. It was CRAZY-High.
7. My family lived in Western NY for a bit. I have been to Niagra Falls 2X, Palmyra & the Hill Kumorah Pageant 2X, NYC and the Statue of Liberty. I never would've had the opportunity without my family being so close.
8. I have great in-laws. They love me & have served as a surrogate family when I was a young (younger) mother, and away from my own family.
9. I spent 3 1/2 years attending the Singles branch & going to YSA activities before I got married.
10. I asked my husband out on our 1st date. - Went Ice skating (my 1st time - only been maybe 4 times total in my life).
11. I STILL do not have my Bachelor's degree.
12. I taught JR. High Math & Science for 6+ years at my MIL's Charter School in west Phoenix.
13. I hated math when I was in school, but later discovered I was good at teaching it. It just makes sense to my brain. Weird.
14. This year, I will celebrate my 11 wedding Anniversary.
15. I never went to Prom.
16. I am a good friend. I care very much about people.
17. I am a good listener.
18. I have a strange sense of humor. I find weird things funny. I can sometimes be mean or stupid without knowing it (until later).
19. I have a horrible temper & very little patience (especially for stupid people). I am working on it, but I'm definitely a Yell-er.
20. I have 4 great kids. 1 almost 10 yr old Boy & 3 Little Girls.
21. All my kids were born c-sestion.
22. I had 3 girls in 3 years. I was pretty much pregnant off & on for almost 4 years. What a crazy thought. There is 15 months between the 1st & 2nd. And 19 months between the 2nd & 3rd.
23. My youngest was born on Valentine's Day. She was scheduled for Feb.13th (c-section), but we had a blizzard on the 12th. The hospital was under-staffed & I was pushed aside. Oh well, she's a girl. Pink & Red and hearts are much more acceptable for a girl than for a boy.
24. I am 19th out of 32 Grandchildren from my Grandma & Grandpa Inman.
25. I am the oldest out of 13 Grandchildren from my Grandma & Grandpa Logan.

Feel free to try this. I guess it was pretty fun.


Mary said…
It is always fun to read about people -- like your list!

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