My Digital Scrapbooking Obsession

For my birthday (in August), I got a digital scrapbooking program called Memory Mixer. I LOVE it! I chose it mainly because I can print some of my own things @ home, but it is SO cool. I can even use it for things other than just creating scrapbooks. I made our Christmas card this year.I also made invitations & handouts for our Young Women New Beginnings program.For those of you who haven't heard yet, they added the value of Virtue to the Young Women's Theme. So, I made a cute handout for the girls.I really like the way things have turned out. It's a lot easier to create the project, save it & upload the file to Sams Club for printing.

I was introduced to it by a friend of mine who has also really gotten into digital scrapping. I was kind of worried at first, because I really like all of the paper, stickers, di-cuts, punches, scissors, embellishments, etc. But, my new obsession is getting FREE digital scrapbooking stuff. Sometimes, it's only a piece or 2. Other times, it's a mini-kit or add-on, or even a full kit FULL of stuff. I have also discovered how to get all my freebies into my program so that I can manipulate them (add drop shadows, etc.) just like the embellishments & papers that came in the program itself.

I have found some really good blogs with ladies making some very cute kits. My favorite spot has become Digital Designs by Nicole. I am signed up for her mailing list, and she releases several things per week.

I also like going to DigiFree. It is a search engine that lists a ton of freebies. It is, however, very time-consuming because you have to go through each link.

Through my explorations, I have recently found many blogs & websites where people share their kits & creations. Some of the best I found lately with TONS of free stuff are Summertime Designs, Pimp Your Scrapbook and The Scrappin' Cop. I also really like some of the stuff I found at Free Digital Scrapbooking and Shabby Princess.

I am now totally obsessed with "collecting" as much of these freebies as I can. I know it's crazy, because I'll NEVER be able to use everything. I am just overcome with the thrill of being on my treasure hunt & actually finding a ton of prizes. Join me, won't you?

UPDATE: I also found Mommy Scraps that has some MORE really cute stuff.


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