May 29, 2009

A Trip to the Museum

I discovered that our local Children's Museum is open later on Thursday evening. Last week, I made PB & J sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips & some drinks. We were off to play. We played a little, then ate our dinner and played a bit more. There were only a handful of people @ the museum (besides us). It was a nice fun evening with the family.

Mia & Adelaide had fun making pizzas in the pizza kitchen.
They always LOVE playing in the water area. Hey, what kid doesn't like having license to splash & play in water??Amelia & Adelaide love painting on the Paint Wall, but I have NEVER let Allison paint before. She had a BLAST, and did pretty good for her first time.

May 28, 2009

How Sad...

The girls attended preschool this year @ a local high school. They have LOVED all the activities & friends. I'm sure they also liked the time spent with someone other than Allison & I too. I know that I am sad that preschool is over...

Murphy was a great big-kid buddy.Lauren was their other big-kid buddy. I think she HAD to carry Adelaide out to the car EVERY single time.We will also miss Jenny. She's in our ward, but she is graduating & going to BYU Idaho. Good Luck!
I am happy for summer, but I can't wait for preschool to come around again.

May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

My mother is a fabulous woman. I know, we all think that right?

Mom was married at 17. She didn't attend her high school graduation, because she had a medical emergency & ended up in the hospital. My dad was so scared he'd lose her, he proposed. They were married a month before mom turned 18.

I am the oldest child of my mother's seven children. I was born 2 weeks before mom's 19th birthday. My brothers Gregory, James, Josh & Daniel quickly followed. So, by the time my mom was almost 26, she had 5 kids under the age of 7. A few years later (when she was about my age NOW), she had two more little girls Rebecca & Michelle. Seven kids in 14 years. Wow!

When I graduated from high school, I was a bit lost. My mother had been married @ my age. I wanted SO badly to find that special guy, to be sealed to him & start our family. Try as I may, I could not. I didn't date very much in high school, so I tried to force myself to be more outgoing. I "liked" some of the boys, but more importantly, I made some very good friendships. It sort-of helped that these boys were planning to serve full-time missions. I learned a lot about myself as I attended Institute & had great experiences at all the YSA activities. I learned to be confident. I learned some of the qualities I liked and disliked in a potential mate. I even met my eternal companion (unbeknownst to me at the time). Most importantly, I think I learned that there is a plan for me. I learned to have faith & put my trust into Heavenly Father's time-table.

Now, I am happily married with my own family with four small children. I look at my mother and have a renewed understanding & respect for her. I know that most people used to marry young, but 18 really is VERY young. I know that my mother had to do a lot of growing-up in a short period of time. In some ways, she took longer to develop some qualities. She has developed the talent of peacemaker, which she often has a chance to practice.

As a child, we are very critical of the things our parents do (especially things we perceive as injustice). Children often think, "when I'm the mom I'll do things..." I know I thought this many times. I have 4 kids, and I find myself wondering just how mom did it. Kids are CRAZY! They only listen to half of what you say, don't cooperate, quarrel with each other (ALL THE TIME!), make messes, scream...OK, you know what I mean. I mean, I remember being scolded and getting my bum spanked. But we were healthy, we were fed & we were safe & loved.

Unfortunately, my family moved away the year after I was married. I feel like I don't have as close of a relationship as I would like. I know she loves me, but we don't talk often. I know sometimes I feel like I'm "Out of sight-Out of Mind", but I don't really believe that. I know she thinks about me, and I hope she knows I think about her often.

So, on the eve of mother's day, I am missing my mom and thinking about all the wonderful women I know that are great examples of Motherhood. I find strength in your friendships. You give me hope that I'm not doing a terrible job, as long as I am patient & teach my children correct principles.

Happy Mother's Day.