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A Trip to the Museum

I discovered that our local Children's Museum is open later on Thursday evening. Last week, I made PB & J sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips & some drinks. We were off to play. We played a little, then ate our dinner and played a bit more. There were only a handful of people @ the museum (besides us). It was a nice fun evening with the family.

Mia & Adelaide had fun making pizzas in the pizza kitchen.
They always LOVE playing in the water area. Hey, what kid doesn't like having license to splash & play in water??Amelia & Adelaide love painting on the Paint Wall, but I have NEVER let Allison paint before. She had a BLAST, and did pretty good for her first time.

How Sad...

The girls attended preschool this year @ a local high school. They have LOVED all the activities & friends. I'm sure they also liked the time spent with someone other than Allison & I too. I know that I am sad that preschool is over...

Murphy was a great big-kid buddy.Lauren was their other big-kid buddy. I think she HAD to carry Adelaide out to the car EVERY single time.We will also miss Jenny. She's in our ward, but she is graduating & going to BYU Idaho. Good Luck!
I am happy for summer, but I can't wait for preschool to come around again.

Mother's Day

My mother is a fabulous woman. I know, we all think that right?

Mom was married at 17. She didn't attend her high school graduation, because she had a medical emergency & ended up in the hospital. My dad was so scared he'd lose her, he proposed. They were married a month before mom turned 18.

I am the oldest child of my mother's seven children. I was born 2 weeks before mom's 19th birthday. My brothers Gregory, James, Josh & Daniel quickly followed. So, by the time my mom was almost 26, she had 5 kids under the age of 7. A few years later (when she was about my age NOW), she had two more little girls Rebecca & Michelle. Seven kids in 14 years. Wow!

When I graduated from high school, I was a bit lost. My mother had been married @ my age. I wanted SO badly to find that special guy, to be sealed to him & start our family. Try as I may, I could not. I didn't date very much in high school, so I tried to force myself to be more outgoing. I "liked"