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Allison's 6th Birthday!

I did a carnival theme for Allison's birthday. When the girls first arrived, I gave them a carousel horse coloring page & a paper lunchbag to decorate. Then, we ate corndogs, popcorn, and apples with caramel dip.
I painted some metal washers with nail polish and made them into cute little necklaces for the party. I flipped them all face down, and the girls got to go "fishing" for the one they wanted.
 We used some empty soda cans for another game. The girls even got to pick little Happy Meal stuffed animals for prizes.
 I tried to think of other Midway games at the fair & remembered ones where you won a goldfish or tossed the ball into the fishbowl. I combined that idea with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and this is what I came up with. I thought it was cute!
 We used empty water bottles decorated with duct tape for our bowling pins. Mia was in charge of this game & got to re-set the pins for each person. I was thankful for the help & she enjoyed it too.

Misc. Catch-Up (a little bit)

Well, it's been almost a year since I've shown the blog a little love...Oh well, I think I'll just start from now. Things have gotten a little crazy around here in the last few months with us making plans to move from IL back to AZ. Our house here sold in 4 days! INSANE! After the quick sale, things became a little more definite & I ended up making a house-hunting trip to AZ. It was a crazy few days. I saw about 35 houses in 4 days.

While I was in AZ, we actually offered on 2 different houses. The first one, we were just too late. The second, however went around a little. We offered, heard back that they had other offers, and RE-offered. All this time, the sellers were on vacation & their realtor was trying desperately to reach them. Well, they came home to 3 offers on their home (we were the best), rejected the offers, and pulled the house off the market. JERKS! Either they weren't serious or they think they can get MORE if they wait a little. On my last day, …