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Our AZ Trip

I know. I'm a loser, slacker blogger person. I've been home for almost 2 weeks & I haven't blogged about my trip to AZ. I could say that I've been resting & recovering from vacation. The truth? Just lazy, I guess.

Anyway, the flight was OK. We flew from Peoria to Mesa on Allegiant Airline. I found tickets on Wednesday, June 3rd for $29 to Mesa. Crazy, I know. Our flight home was only $79, so I ended up bringing the girls with me.
Adam & Amelia were really good on the flight. Adam listened to his mp3 player & Mia played her vsmile or listened to my mp3. Adelaide & Allison, however, had ants in their pants. They were up, down & all around. Luckily (kind of?), we were all the way in the back by the lavatory, so the multiple trips were no big deal.

Adelaide fell asleep for about the last 20 minutes of the flight & Allison faded quickly after that. Finally, right? Whatever! Then they were grouchy when I had to wake them up. Then, a little weird, th…