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Warm Arizona Christmas

We had a great time in sunny, warm Arizona for Christmas. We stayed with Bryan's brother, Alan, and his family. It was nice to spend time with them, because I feel like we sometimes don't get to see them as much. At some point, we had to go to see Grandma's new "puppy". First, the back-story...My BIL (brother in law), while living at home, got a DOG. This dog is a bloodhound named Jackpot. Well, Jackpot stayed @ my MIL's house when her son's moved out. Jackpot is a full-grown blood hound & quite big. I guess the plan is to move him after my BIL puts grass in his backyard. In the meantime, my MIL decided that Jackpot was lonely & needed a friend...Enter Roxy, her "puppy". She really is still a puppy at only 4 months, but as you can see, she's already a good size - Especially for my scaredy-cat little girls. Allison, however, seems to be an animal lover. She loved seeing the dog, and was only concerned that Roxy wanted her candy cane.…