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Grandma Gentry

Edith Madge Brice was born at daybreak Easter morning April 23, 1916. She met her husband Thomas Bryan Gentry in California where she was staying with relatives. They decided to get married & returned to Utah, where they worked together on the homestead. They raised 2 daughters, Louise & Pat, who both married and started families of their own.

Bryan has told me of many excursions to visit his Grandmother in Utah. He always loved that she fed them meat & potatoes. Living on a cattle farm, there was no shortage of steaks & sausage, etc that might be considered more of luxury foods, especially when you're a kid. He always talked about how great of a cook Gram was. It wasn't that his mom was a bad cook, it was more that Gram cooked for EVERY meal & had more time & energy to focus on them when they visited. Bryan's Grandpa Gentry passed away shortly before he left on his mission in 1995, the same day as the Oklahoma City bombing. Gram spent a couple more …

SEW Happy...Some of My "Projects"

It's October, and I DO like Halloween. I think it's fun to dress up & pretend. Sometimes it's a little grotesque & scary or pretty or even silly. This year, I felt like I should embrace my "roundness". I kept thinking of ways I could emphasize my prego belly, and this is what I came up with (for about$7 too). I bought a black T-shirt (used a coupon) at Michaels. I got 1/2 yd of orange fabric for my pumpkin (which could have made 2), then 1/4yd of black, green & orange w/ polka-dots. I knew I already had some Under Wonder (Heat & Bond) stuff at home that I could use.I had an idea of how I wanted it to look, so I actually put the T-shirt on wrong-side-out & marked where I wanted the pumpkin, so I could decide how big to make it. I sewed with black thread to make lines on the pumpkin, just to embellish it a little more. I cut eyes, nose & mouth out of black & ironed it on with under wonder. Then, sewed around the outside edges.
I attached…