September 6, 2009

What Have I Been Doing??

I feel like a total slacker lately. I just posted a bunch of stuff just a little bit ago, but it was all from August & summer in general. The good news is that we are settling into a new school year routine. And even though we have cub scouts, young women activities, soccer practice (games starting this Saturday), visiting teaching, playgroup and soon preschool, it really IS easier for me...Well, in a few ways. At the end of March, I was diagnosed as diabetic (mildly diabetic). They did some blood tests & sent me to the dietitian & the diabetic counselors to teach me how to control/test blood sugar and help with more healthy eating. I did REALLY well for a while, so when I went in to my Dr. in June (after 3 months), I had lost about 20 lbs. & my blood work was looking better than earlier. Well, after that...I pretty much fell "Off the Wagon". I went to AZ in June & did pretty...well...some good, some bad eating choices. But, it was vacation, so what-the-heck. I came home, but just couldn't seem to pull myself back on track. I have been eating horribly. I haven't been testing my blood sugar, or keeping track of my eating habits. I haven't really gained, but I'm not really satisfied with MAINTAINING. So, now that we have a more normal-ish routine, I need to re-commit to eating more healthy. I need to commit to tracking my sugar & counting my carbs like I should be doing. And yes, I need to EXERCISE. Ugh.

Anyway, now that I've purged my brain...I have been spending LOTS of time working on my 2009 photobook. Last year, I made a photobook & had one printed for me, my mom, Bryan's mom & his Grandma. They got them late for Christmas, even though I spent days making pages, so I could meet the deadline. This year, I have already started. These are just a couple of my faves so far.

This will be my front COVER - We took this impromptu family photo @ the St. Louis zoo this Summer.
Kids are hilarious sometimes.
I always seem to have lots of pictures of the girls & very few of Adam. Poor guy, I think it's mostly because he's not home & when he is, he'd rather take the pictures than be in them. Hmmm...I think I know how he feels.
These pics crack me up. I swear they fight with each other AS MUCH as they play with each other.
So Cute!
So, I'm hard at work creating & scrapping my memories. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

September 4, 2009


Last week, I had to take Adelaide to the dentist. She did AWESOME at the dentist's office, especially for a 4 year old. Well, you know how it is when you're numbed up. - You cannot feel a thing. I told Adelaide multiple times to be careful...don't bite your lip...don't bit your tongue...Well, she did anyway. We went to Steak & Shake to get a milkshake, and I noticed her chewing. I asked if she had something in her mouth. NO! She was gnawing on her tongue. I told her to stop, but noticed that she continued. She would only stop after I blotted her tongue with a napkin to show her the blood. Poor thing. She had a HORRIBLE, ugly looking sore. These pictures were 2 days later & it looks NASTY.I was worried about infection, so I took Adelaide with me when I took Amelia to her dentist appt. The dentist said it was ugly, but unless she was running a fever, she'd most likely be fine. Well, she's pretty well healed now. I'm glad she can go back to eating what she wants & not complaining about the food hurting her tongue.

Brand New School Year

This year, Mia started Kindergarten. She loves school (even after a couple weeks). She still has a hard time not feeling left-out if she knows that we (Adelaide, Allison & I) are doing something while she's at school, even if it's going to the doctor or visiting teaching.I love taking Back-to-School pictures. It's so fun to see how they grow & change from year to year. Sometimes, it happens without me realizing it.A RARE moment between these 2...Amelia only had school for 1 hour on the 1st day, AND they had to have a parent come with them. Mornings start with morning assembly in the gym, where the principal can motivate them & get them going in the morning. Isn't she cute?? She's such a big girl.We put away all her supplies & found Mia's seat. She couldn't wait to come back & start learning.Amelia's teacher seems very nice & excited to begin a new year. Hey, she teaches Kindergarten...She has to be perky & peppy, don't you think?Amelia has been VERY excited about riding the bus like a "Big Kid". We're trying a different stop this year, but it seems to work a lot better for us. Adam used to have to walk to the next street & down about 10 houses to the end. Now, they just walk up to the next street. They do have to cross the kind-of busy road, but they watch the driver & cross when she has stopped traffic.