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Weather Rant

I wish the weather would hurry up & decide what it wants to do. I guess I don't mind the cold winter & the wind. I mean, I can just stay inside & find something to occupy myself & the kids. But what's up with the warm up (yeah to like the 40's), then the drop to 8 with a windchill of -6 or something crazy cold like that??

Or it snows, which is actually pretty, then it blows around so much that you can never tell how much actually fell. It snowed Monday night & Tuesday morning, and we got 3 or 4 inches (so I'm told). Well, it's Wednesday & half of the grass on my lawn is showing through the snow. It's crazy. It snows. Then it warms up or rains. After a few more days, it snows again. Hopefully, the warm-up is on the way. I can't wait for spring & to let the kids play outside again.

Ok, these pics are from one of the other times it snowed. They had fun & threw snowballs at dad. He even helped Adam & Amelia make a …