January 23, 2009


On Tuesday, I took Adam to get a haircut after cub scouts. I had the strongest urge to get a haircut too. I resisted temptation (because I had no idea what I wanted and would've probably been disappointed). Well, I resisted for a couple of days. Last night, I decided to whack it all off.

My hair is SUPER thick, and it WAS a bit lower than my shoulders. The stylist kept at it, cutting & marveling at how much hair she was having to "take off". There was literally more hair on the floor, than was left on my head. She cut it a tad shorter than I had initially anticipated, but I love the way it turned out. This morning, I blow-dried & took some time styling my hair, but I think it was a great choice for me.
With my curly hair, I can scrunch it for one style. I can straighten it for another, bob-like style.
This is definitely what I needed to break up some of the winter blues & cabin fever.

January 16, 2009

Home Another Day?

"This is ...., superintendant for .... schools. Classes for tomorrow, January 16th, will be cancelled due to inclement weather..."

I have recieved this call a couple of times recently. Today, we're going on 3 "Snow" days. We do have snow on the ground. We got several inches Sunday-Tuesday, but the "inclement weather" is not the snow. It is frigid here. Yesterday, it "warmed up" to -11 or so. Yup, that's without figuring the wind chill. It is crazy-cold. Right now, it is +1. Today, we actually braved the elements & ran a couple of errands. I promised the kids we could eat lunch at Sam's Club on payday. The girls have been talking about it ALL week long.

I hate taking everyone out into the cold because of all the layers and gloves and boots and hats... But, I think that WE ALL needed to get out of the house for a little bit. I think today was actually a pretty good day to venture out. It's really cold, but not too windy. The wind just takes your breath away. Well, we're safe & warm back at home. Now what?

January 11, 2009

Born in the Wrong Family?

Apparently, my girls want to be part of the Bishop's family.

They were playing with their Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty Polly Pocket dolls. Adelaide introduced herself to Mia..."Hello, my name is Cinderella Hafen."

To which Mia replied, "I'm Sleeping Beauty Hafen."

I know it's probably because they saw their friends in Primary today. But, of all their friends, they chose to be part of Bishop's family?? Is this a bad sign?

Seriously though, this is a new year and means new teachers and changing classes for most. Allison has been going to nursery since August (yippee!). Adelaide was in there with her, so she had no problem with separation anxiety or other issues. I am happy to say, that she continues to LOVE nursery...even though Adelaide has moved on, and she is now attending alone.

Adelaide is the one I worried about. So far, she loves going to Primary & attending Sunbeams. She is very excited to be a "Big Girl". She loves singing time and listening to her lesson in her "snack class".

Amelia is a CTR 5 this year. She was very excited about moving to a new class & getting new teachers. I think she was a little disappointed to learn that her teachers "moved up" with her & are teaching her again. She loves them though, and they really enjoy teaching these little people. She was super-excited to get a CTR ring now that she's in the CTR class.

Adam's class has 15 students. Last year, they split them into 2 smaller classes. This year, they are attampting to put them back together. Hopefully, they have matured in the last year & can control their behavior for an hour. His class is taught be a young couple attending college here. They are really nice, but I think they are a good fit for this class. They're really smart & nice, but I don't think they will get bulldozed by this hard group of 9-10 yr olds.

Bry is one of the Family History Consultants in our Ward. I have started going to his class to work on FamilySearch. I haven't really done much, but I guess geneology is pretty interesting.

Many things remain the same, and a few are changing. We look forward to a new year.

January 8, 2009

Powder Puff Girls!

NOT to be confused with Powerpuff Girls....

Yesterday was not a good day around here. Aside from needing to do the laundry, it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. Well, the girls made a huge mess! Amelia & Adelaide emptied an almost-full baby powder all over their room. I was SO MAD!!! I was proud of myself for grabbing the camera instead of them. It gave me a minute to calm myself (a little).

Here, you can see footprints in the powder.
The girls had powder ALL over them, but especially in their hair. I was coughing & hated breathing the stuff. Didn't the dust bother them too??Luckily, the majority of the mees was on one side of the room. I know I could have cleaned things better, but I made them clean the other half of their room alone. They had to do it if they wanted to take a bath instead of a shower (which is a punishment for these girls who HATE showers).The video shows the disaster much better. I still feel the dusty film in the hallway upstairs. Aaah!!!

Enjoying Winter Vaycay...

On New Year's Eve, I decided to take the kids to our local Children's Museum. Silly me, when I planned to go, I didn't think about the fact that it would be PACKED with people. Oh well. Adam invited a friend & we were on our way. We started with the paint wall like we always do.The girls love painting & this is the one place I don't mind them doing it. Hey- I don't have to clean up the mess. Bonus!The other kids went over to the Lego table.Poor Allison, another little kid took her wheels. Because it was New year's eve, there were crafts & noise makers for the 12pm (noon) countdown. The girls decorated crowns with markers & sequins. Of course, they had a blast decorating, but then didn't want to wear them.They even had a snack. There was another station set up to make-your-own snack mix. They had a couple of cereals, raisins and M&M's. The kids ate-'em-up.Adelaide is probably the one who is most like I (am) was as a child. We were having our snack, and Adelaide wandered away. Normally, I can pretty much stay in one place & keep an eye on everyone at once, but there were TOO many people. Anyway, it was almost time for them to begin their New Year's "countdown", and I couldn't find Adelaide. Adam & his friend were nowhere to help, so with Mia & Allison in-tow, I began to panic. They did the countdown & shot off confetti into the crowd. As people dispursed, I saw a worker carrying a blubbering Adelaide. No harm done. Everybody is fine.

The kids were happy to see the water exhibit opened again. (It was closed for a while for cleaning or remodeling or something.) I always end my visit in the toddler play area. I find that it is much easier to wrangle Allison there while the others continue to explore some of the other exhibits. Here is Adelaide's scrunched face. Too funny!Relax! Isn't that what vacation is all about??

Christmas Eve

For years, we've been spending Christmas Eve with my in laws. We like spending time together & eating. For many years, it was tradition for my Mother-in-Law (MIL) to serve cheese fondue & chocolate fondue. A couple of years ago, she got a chocolate fountain which also became part of the fun.

What's the point? Well, I adapted this tradition to better suit us & our little family. We invited our good friends over & had an appetizer party. We had shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, veggies & dip, mini quiche', chips & salsa and (of course) chocolate fondue and a non-alcoholic egg nog. Another tradition we have is that everyone gets to open one present on Christmas Eve. The last few years, we've been & my BIL's (Bro-in-law) home & have opened the gifts from them. I like the idea of opening new PJ's for Christmas Eve.

I have mentioned "My Projects" a couple of times, rather cryptically, because Adam occasionally reads the blog, and I didn't want to spoil my surprise. This year, I made fleece robes & PJ pants for everybody. I made my robe first, to get an idea of how I would have to alter it for Bryan. So, I've been wearing it around the house for weeks. Adam even asked several times to wear it, and said he would love to have one, etc...he, he. Well, he was surprised & excited.Bry's robe turned out great. His pants are a little big & the pockets are in a funny place (on the back of his thigh, rather than higher where they should be), but he likes them & wears them a lot.Allison didn't get a robe, just pants. The girls' robes turned out pretty cute, but were both kind of an experiment adapted from another pattern. I didn't have a robe-pattern in their size. I am happy with the way they all turned out. They're so cute!

Christmas is Here!

My kids are pretty early-risers, so I had to get up even earlier, so I could shower & feel "human" Christmas morning. We woke the kids up & they were SO excited! Good morning Mia.
Allison coming down the stairs. She wiggled out of her PJ pants.
Another tradition we have, is to take turns opening our gifts starting with the youngest. That way, we all get to see what everyone got & their reactions. It also gives us the opportunity to say thank you, before forgeting who gave what to who.
So, after having our yummy breakfast of Butterscotch Rolls, we began opening gifts with Allison. It was SO funny. She pulled off the 1st, small piece of paper & went to put it in the garbage can. Whatg a good little trained monkey. Then, she pulled off more & took them to daddy who had the garbage bag.
It's been a long time since we've had a large variety of play food, so that's what she got. It was too funny to see her pounce on it once she saw what it was. She was super excited.
Adelaide loved her little McDonald's cash register.
For a while, I had daddy running the video camera & the digital camera. This is just another of MANY pictures that Bry has taken of himself.
Amelia looks so little there by the fireplace.
I LOVE this picture! The llok on her face is hysterical. Isn't that how WE remember Christmas? I love seeing them so excited that they can't rip that paper off quick enough.Allison is WAY into little dolls & figures and (of course) babies. Well, she got all that & more. She was as happy as a clam.OK, Adelaide is a little happier...here she is posing with the chocolate that grandma included with her gifts.

Adam enjoyed listening to his MP3 Player that I loaded with music. He was a little confused about the Wii game that grandma sent. He thought maybe she was a little confused. It turns out (Bryan & I knew), that Aunt Katy & Uncle Dustin, Ricky & William gave us a Wii for Christmas. Thank You so much! We love it. It's SO Fun!Here's another photo of Bryan & his Christmas gift (a digital camcorder).We had a great, relaxing day. Bry & I even got to take a nap while the kids watched a movie. We spent the whole day @ home in our new PJ's. I did make a nice dinner though. We had a shank ham, with gravy, potatoes & fresh bread (in the bread machine). I even made some easy chocolate pies.The kids liked that they each got their own little pie.
Allison really wants hers too.
Now that she has it, she's not quite sure where to start. What a way to end Christmas...Yummy!