FREE Breakfast with a Side of Stupidity

Today Denny's is giving a free Grand Slam Breakfast to least until 2pm. Anyway, this brings me to my morning. We did all the usual Tuesday morning stuff. Got up, showered, fed the kids, got Adam off to meet the bus and got all the girls dressed & ready to go.

After dropping them off at preschool, Allison & I met my friend (with 2 little boys in-tow) at Denny's. Lucky for me, she'd already gotten a table & saved me a spot. That place was CRAZY. - Totally Packed! The service was pretty quick for us, and we enjoyed our meal. It was about 10am when I eventually got out of the parking lot. I didn't need to pick up the older girls until 10:30, but I decided I would go ahead early & read while I waited for the preschoolers to come out.

Well, it snowed last night. Not a terrible amount, but more than I might have expected. I usually don't have a problem driving in snow (even though I'm an AZ girl), but I guess I wasn't being as careful as I should have been. I was on a road that had been plowed, but you could see the "trails" where other cars had driven in between the layer of snow/slush left in the middle & sides. Ideally, you would try to drive in the same trail. Well, somehow the van started to slide to the left & before I thought about it I turned back to the right (Wrong idea). Oops... Turn INOT the skid, right? Well, I did get control but I still ended up slowly sliding off the road & down into the ditch.

I thought "Great. I'm an idiot. Look at the stupid girl from AZ." A couple of guys stopped & tried to push me back up on the road, but the snow was pretty deep there & slippery. I blew up Bry's phone, but he was @ work & didn't answer. I finally sent him a text that said, "I'm in a ditch. Call me."

Right about then, another large vehicle pulled up & stopped. It turned out to be an older gentleman from my ward, Bro. Ruch. I don't know what I would've done if he hadn't happened to come along in his "big" vehicle with a tow-rope in the back. He hooked it up & pulled me right out with little trouble. As I drove away, Bryan called to check on me.

I cannot express how fortunate & grateful that I feel. I was lucky there were only a few cars on the road, so I didn't hurt anyone else. At the same time, I am thankful that poeple are willing to stop & offer their assistance when needed. Probably smallest, but still important, things happened in such a short time that I was able to still pick up my girls on time.

I still feel stupid, but very thankful.


normal mom said…
At least you got free eggs with that ditch!
Three cheers for Brother Ruch! Glad only your pride was hurt.
Jess said…
Wow what an adventurous morning! I am so glad you and Allison are ok and that you were fortunate enough to still get to school on time for the girls.

Thank goodness for that Bro. Ruch!! I am so glad that the other guys stopped for you too.

And you are not stupid, we all have accidents whether on snowy slushy roads or on dry ones here in AZ.
Stacey said…
I SAW YOU!! I was coming toward you when you slid off. I turned around to offer you something (don't know what with my own two kids in the car-just company, I guess) but I saw the white truck with two guys trying to push you out so I turned back around and headed home-very carefully. I have to say that it renewed my faith in humanity that they immediately stopped to help you. Awesome that Bro. Ruch was around.
La Smala said…
Move back here, that place is not safe for you! You can't slide on tumble weeds! JK, Nicky wants to make a snow man, fat chance buddy!

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