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More Utah Fun

Now that I've been home for a few days from vacation, I guess it's time again to update the blog with pictures galore. We got home from Idaho on Sunday afternoon, and had plans to go to Lagoon on Monday. I spent my time with the 3 little girls & let Adam run off with my brothers & sister. I'm relatively certain that he only rode a couple of rides & spent most of his time in the waterpark. I'm glad he had fun. The girls did enjoy swimming, but mostly wanted to ride the rides.
I actually rode a total of 3 rides. One was the train that went around part of the park, this was another that Allison was too short to ride alone. The last was the kiddie roller coaster. I figured if Allison was big enough to ride it with an adult, I would be fine to ride it prego. Whoopee. Adelaide & Mia liked these swings, but poor Allison was not allowed. She cried the whole time.The obligatory boat ride.Amelia is funny sometimes. She wanted Adelaide to ride with her on some of t…

Idaho Excursion

When I decided that I was going to visit my family for 2 weeks, I asked my parents to plan a quick trip up to Idaho. I thought it would be great to see my mom's family, because I hadn't seen them in years. We left Friday morning on our 5+ hour drive. The kids were great and watched DVD's the whole way, but it was great to finally get out of the car.
We met up with everyone at my Aunt Connie's house. She had said to bring our swimming suits, because she had a wading pool out back for the kids. THIS is not what I expected. I had the girls' floaties, and they had fun. So, I guess it all worked out.I did not want to swim, so poor Allison was stuck on the ground with the little kids. She looks SO funny with her goggles on.Adam wrestling with his 2nd cousin, Gavin. (At least I think it's Gavin....Hard to tell behind the masks.) Uncle Justin and his newest grandson.My mom & her mom. It was great to see her. The last time we saw Great-Grandma, Adam was only 3 & …