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I Should Play the Lotto

After a tubal ligation 3 years ago when Allison was born, we just found out on Tuesday that we are expecting baby #5!I can't really explain why I even thought to buy a pregnancy test. I mean, I spent at least ten minutes in Walgreens trying to decide if I needed to spend $10 when I KNEW it would be negative (because it had to be, right?).Let me back up...I have had some medical issues in the last few years that make my cycles irregular. So, YES...I did miss my period, but this was not the first time. I have had some nausea in the morning, but when I take my meds on an empty stomach (which I do pretty frequently) I sometimes feel a little sick. So I really didn't think much of that. Really, I have just had A LOT of fatigue. I mean I am WIPED OUT by about 1pm. At first, I thought it was just that I wasn't sleeping well. Or, it could've been me falling off the Gym Wagon. I started potty training Allison in March (we won't talk about that), and taking her to speech the…

Ice Cream, Hawaiian Day & the Zoo...It's been a good week.

This week we had the chance to go to Baskin Robins for 31 cent scoop night. I confess, I'm not sure how many scoops we actually went through, but it was super cheap. And Hey, how often can I really afford to take out our family of 6 for ice cream? It was yummy & we had a fun time too.Of course, we must wear a big ring while eating our ice cream....and make sure to show it off.I can have another?How could you not love this face??Cheesey Chocolate Girl! Look Ma! I'm messy!Amelia & Adam had a Hawaiian Spirit day this week. I picked up a few things for them @ the dollar store & they went with it. We even had an extra flower or 2 for the little girls to wear. The girls already had these outfits, so I didn't have to buy them. However, I did notice that I will not be letting Mia wear those shorts much this summer. They're a little too LITTLE to wear without the grass skirt over them.My Cuties...Yesterday, the kids had the day off & I took them to our local zoo…