Easter Egg Hunting

On Saturday before Easter, we had a ward breakfast & egg hunt. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs. Can you tell I forgot the baskets? - Allison with her Walmart bag...too cute.
For the little kids (Nursery & younger), they put the eggs on the ground in the grass. Allison took a bit to understand that she was supposed to pick up the eggs.Nana held her bag for her & had to coax her into putting the eggs in the bag, so she could pick up more.I think it was Nana that might have showed her that there was candy in them.
Daddy went with Adelaide & Amelia. They were happy with their finds too.
The big kids did their hunting in another area. Adam came running so we could leave. This picture (above) is so funny to me.
Easter morning, we had a yummy breakfast of butterscotch rolls. Then everyone found their baskets. Yay CANDY!! Our Stake Conference was on Easter Sunday, and my parents were still visiting, so we kinda ditched. Oops.Here are a couple of funny pics of the kids. Can you say bed-head?
We had a yummy dinner of ham & potatoes, then we eventually had our own egg hunt. Adam got to help me hide the eggs. He was very excited.
Amelia ran around and around the yard. She was a tad hyper.
Allison even got to hunt some eggs too.
I think Adelaide was the most excited. She was ALL smiles.
Adam gave in & let me take his picture too.We attempted to take a family photo, but it didn't really work. It was chilly & windy, and the girls were a little uncooperative. Oh well, maybe some other time.We really enjoyed having Nana & Papa visit. We miss them bunches and think about them often. It was great to have them spend some time with us. We love you!


Jess said…
Happy Easter!!!! What wonderful pictures of everyone!! That picture with all of you on the front porch is darling!

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