Carthage & Nauvoo

When my folks came, my dad wanted to visit Nauvoo. I told him that if he was coming all this way, he needed to go to Carthage. It is an experience to go to Carthage jail & stand in the dungeon room where Joseph Smith & Hyrum were held. It's a somber thought to sit in the room where the mob came to kill the Prophet & his companions.
I watch a lot of crime-drama, so it's not hard for me to picture the horrific sight of Hyrum being shot through the door as he tried to keep it closed.
There's just a special feeling at Carthage that tells you that it is an important place. The mob shot Joseph from outside, through the window & from behind him in the house. He fell out from the 2nd story window & laid in this courtyard.After leaving Carthage, we went on to Nauvoo. We didn't have too much time by the time we got there, but we did several things.
We saw the Nauvoo Temple and the Joseph & Hyrum monument. We went to the bakery & got a Gingerbread man...mmm... Here's Adam standing in front of the bustle ovens.We enjoyed our time in the Family Living Center.Adam helped make rope. He learned that it was hard work & took more than one person.One Sister gave us a bread sample & told us about how they used to bake breads & cook food.Allison went through cycles. She was running...Then she wanted to sit...Then she was throwing a tantrum...ah, life with a 2-year-old. She's dang cute though.Adelaide was a good-girl. "Take my picture, mommy."We put this on Adam to show him how the kids used to have to carry the water back & forth. He was a little short - the buckets were on the floor. I love that little guy.The kids also liked the blacksmith shop. They watched them make (kind of) a horseshoe. We each also got to take a prairie diamond (a nail bent into a ring).
I think it was all very eye-opening to Adam. It took a lot of steps to make it. I think it was good to see him realize that way-back, people had to work a lot harder than HE does now. Kids his age had more responsibilities & A LOT more work to do.


Jess said…
Wow I really want to go to both of these places so much!!!! They look amazing!!
Muche's Smala said…
I so want to go there someday...

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