Move Over Emeril & Paula Deen!

I wonder sometimes how Chefs come up with some of the flavor combinations out there. I mean, I LOVE food. Well, we won't go there. Experience has taught me that people have many different taste pallets & note everything will appeal to all. I love the adventure (usually) of tasting new foods & (even better) trying new restaurants. My kids are a totally different story. Adam seems to get better with trying new foods as he gets older. Adelaide won't try ANYTHING, and Allison takes he cues from others (some good, some bad). Amelia though, seems to be the most willing (usually) to try new foods. She is also the one with the crazy taste pallet. She tries the weirdest things together.

Today, she had a lunchable that came with pudding. She was eating cheese & cracker dipped in chocolate pudding. *shudder* Another of her faves is dipping her cheeseburger into her caramel sauce for her McDonald's apples. When she has chicken nuggets, she dips them in BBQ sauce, then caramel. She does the same with her apples. She loves ranch on just-about everything if she's offered.

So, my question is...did any of those crazy Food Network people ever start as crazy kids eating weird combos that were gross to everyone around them?


Jen said…
My kids aren't very open to trying new things, but they LOVE to dip their chicken nuggets into their caramel sauce also. And, yes, even after they have dipped them into their ketchup first. Crazy! And, yes, my kids also like to dip their apples into their ketchup and then the caramel sauce. Maybe it's an Inman thing. Dane and I were just talking the other day about my dad's crazy food concoctions. And I was telling him about some of the crazy things grandma and grandpa would come up with. I'm definitely thinking it's an Inman thing.

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