A Visit From Nana & Papa

It's been a while since I last posted, but we had a lovely visit from Nana & Papa (my parents). They needed a little vacation & came to see us. We met them in Chicago and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, before coming home.The kids really like the animals. We especially like the monkeys (maybe that's because they act like monkeys). We were watching these monkeys & mommy monkey turned around & had a baby hanging onto her - a little, BLONDE baby. Too cute.
Adam wanted to take pictures. I did let him take a few.
It had to fight to get my own camera back from him.
Adam loves taking pictures, but most were of animals & objects. How do I make him understand that he needs to take pics of people, not just stuff? I guess I just have to tell him what to take pics of, then delete the pointless ones. He did take a few good ones. I like this one.
One of his last photos was of him trying to pick Bry's nose? OK, the back-story...I told Adam I'd pay him $5 if he could get a picture of daddy picking his nose. Bryan was being less-than-cooperative.


Jess said…
I am so glad you guys had such a great visit with your parents! I love that you were trying to get a pic of Bry picking his nose! ROFLMBO

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