Just Dandy!

With the weather warming up a bit and all the rain we've been getting lately, we have seen many pretty, little flowers around the neighborhood. Yes, I mean Dandelions. Listening to Mia & Adelaide, you'd think these things were as desirable & beautiful as roses - rather than the weeds that they are. These 2 are just too cute picking flowers just as happy as they can be. I don't mind, because if they pick them, they won't grow into the puffy dandelions. I do have one rule though...No Dandelions in the house. So, they pick them. Play for a bit (usually getting married), then they leave their flowers on the BBQ grill or in a pile by the door. Maybe I'm too harsh, but I don't think I need a cup full of water & dead weeds sitting on my kitchen counter. I know. Mean Mom.They each had a little bouquet. Yup, there were lots in our yard, but there are even more in other yards. I guess I should be glad to have them picked. Now, if they could pull out the rest of the weed too.


Jess said…
I miss dandelions! I had forgotten how much I love them and I remember making a wish and blowing on the fluff ones too. I miss the midwest so much sometimes. Its the little things like dandelions.

The girls are so cute holding the bouquets of dandelions in their hands. I used to do the same thing...you can also make really cute little wreaths out of them to go on the girls' heads.

Would make for cute pics you know?

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