Christian Rock??

Yesterday morning, while I was finishing my breakfast, Adelaide picked up her guitar (which has dead batteries at the moment). She started singing, "I am a child of God..." It was SO cute! I made her do it again so I could get it on video. I apologize - She's very quiet & has a tiny little voice. I know, weird.

Of course, not wanting to be out-done or lose her chance to be the center of the universe, here we have Mia Montana singing "I Lived in Heaven". Gotta love the bed-head.


Jess said…
Brava Brava!! How cute are they!! Such amazing performers. Girls tell your mommy Aunt Jessica said to give you ice cream for all your hard work. Its to soothe their rock star throats Miss Kimmie.
AndieF said…
Very Cute! Did you see Super Montana over at my blog? What a bunch of performers we've got!
Too stinkin CUTE! Love it!

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