11 Years Putting Up with Me

I KNOW I am not the easiest person to get along with. Believe it or not, I am sometimes pretty difficult to tolerate. Well, yesterday was my anniversary. Yup, 11 yrs ago, I married my best friend, the love of my life, for Time & Eternity in the Mesa, AZ temple.
We've known each other now for almost 15 years, and it still amazes me that I can still learn something new about him. We've had great times & some really hard times, but I know that what we have is good and right. I know I take him for granted sometimes. He's a great dad with a good sense of humor (a little twisted like mine). My heart is just so full, and I felt so un-grateful not to share. I know that my behavior does not always show love, but I am so grateful for you Bry. I love you & look forward to spending (like forever) many more years together.


Jessica Cowand said…
Aww Happy Anniversary guys!! We love you both so much!!
Mary said…
This post is SO sweet!
AndieF said…
Happy Anniversary! Love the pics!

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