Home Another Day?

"This is ...., superintendant for .... schools. Classes for tomorrow, January 16th, will be cancelled due to inclement weather..."

I have recieved this call a couple of times recently. Today, we're going on 3 "Snow" days. We do have snow on the ground. We got several inches Sunday-Tuesday, but the "inclement weather" is not the snow. It is frigid here. Yesterday, it "warmed up" to -11 or so. Yup, that's without figuring the wind chill. It is crazy-cold. Right now, it is +1. Today, we actually braved the elements & ran a couple of errands. I promised the kids we could eat lunch at Sam's Club on payday. The girls have been talking about it ALL week long.

I hate taking everyone out into the cold because of all the layers and gloves and boots and hats... But, I think that WE ALL needed to get out of the house for a little bit. I think today was actually a pretty good day to venture out. It's really cold, but not too windy. The wind just takes your breath away. Well, we're safe & warm back at home. Now what?


Jess said…
We have been enjoying a warm up here...78 today! Hmmmm. ;D Seriosly though I am sorry for the freezing weather. Hope it gets warmer soon. Love ya!
La Smala said…
what do you mean 11? Is it even ever possible to go below 55???? Just don't think about AZ too much, my car said 81 today, a/c on in the car, yup, it's winter allright! Don't worry, we'll pay for it in July, while you can actually watch fireworks OUTSIDE and not on TV!!!

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