On Tuesday, I took Adam to get a haircut after cub scouts. I had the strongest urge to get a haircut too. I resisted temptation (because I had no idea what I wanted and would've probably been disappointed). Well, I resisted for a couple of days. Last night, I decided to whack it all off.

My hair is SUPER thick, and it WAS a bit lower than my shoulders. The stylist kept at it, cutting & marveling at how much hair she was having to "take off". There was literally more hair on the floor, than was left on my head. She cut it a tad shorter than I had initially anticipated, but I love the way it turned out. This morning, I blow-dried & took some time styling my hair, but I think it was a great choice for me.
With my curly hair, I can scrunch it for one style. I can straighten it for another, bob-like style.
This is definitely what I needed to break up some of the winter blues & cabin fever.


Jess said…
You look Mah-vel-us!!! I told you in my text, I love it!! So cute but you have been blessed with really great hair!! Not all of us have thick luxurious naturally curly hair! :-P
I like! I was having a hair funk too. I just dyed it but have totally been contemplating whacking it! LOL I have been watching too much of John and Kate plus 8. Not only do I now want more kids but I want to be skinny with cute hair like hers (or at least I like it). Very cute though. I agree. This winter is driving me batty let alone having to be cooped up with my issues. I am having hope that things will look brighter soon!
Mary said…
Your haircut is adorable!!! I am very jealous of your beautiful hair.
La Smala said…
OMGsh Kim, I LOVE it, you look so gorgeous! Good job, it fits you perfect!

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