Powder Puff Girls!

NOT to be confused with Powerpuff Girls....

Yesterday was not a good day around here. Aside from needing to do the laundry, it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. Well, the girls made a huge mess! Amelia & Adelaide emptied an almost-full baby powder all over their room. I was SO MAD!!! I was proud of myself for grabbing the camera instead of them. It gave me a minute to calm myself (a little).

Here, you can see footprints in the powder.
The girls had powder ALL over them, but especially in their hair. I was coughing & hated breathing the stuff. Didn't the dust bother them too??Luckily, the majority of the mees was on one side of the room. I know I could have cleaned things better, but I made them clean the other half of their room alone. They had to do it if they wanted to take a bath instead of a shower (which is a punishment for these girls who HATE showers).The video shows the disaster much better. I still feel the dusty film in the hallway upstairs. Aaah!!!


P.D. said…
Hehe - Love it. Been there powedered that. :)
Jess said…
PD pretty much covered it with
"Been there, powdered that" but I can honestly say I am sorry too. Of course I am laughing my butt off at the same time as I am apologizing! he he LOVE YOU!!!!

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