Christmas Eve

For years, we've been spending Christmas Eve with my in laws. We like spending time together & eating. For many years, it was tradition for my Mother-in-Law (MIL) to serve cheese fondue & chocolate fondue. A couple of years ago, she got a chocolate fountain which also became part of the fun.

What's the point? Well, I adapted this tradition to better suit us & our little family. We invited our good friends over & had an appetizer party. We had shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, veggies & dip, mini quiche', chips & salsa and (of course) chocolate fondue and a non-alcoholic egg nog. Another tradition we have is that everyone gets to open one present on Christmas Eve. The last few years, we've been & my BIL's (Bro-in-law) home & have opened the gifts from them. I like the idea of opening new PJ's for Christmas Eve.

I have mentioned "My Projects" a couple of times, rather cryptically, because Adam occasionally reads the blog, and I didn't want to spoil my surprise. This year, I made fleece robes & PJ pants for everybody. I made my robe first, to get an idea of how I would have to alter it for Bryan. So, I've been wearing it around the house for weeks. Adam even asked several times to wear it, and said he would love to have one, etc...he, he. Well, he was surprised & excited.Bry's robe turned out great. His pants are a little big & the pockets are in a funny place (on the back of his thigh, rather than higher where they should be), but he likes them & wears them a lot.Allison didn't get a robe, just pants. The girls' robes turned out pretty cute, but were both kind of an experiment adapted from another pattern. I didn't have a robe-pattern in their size. I am happy with the way they all turned out. They're so cute!


Jess said…
I want to know where are my pj pants and matching robe? I sent you belly buttons and called you sugar lips so I will be expecting my stuff soon. ;D Actually its all very cute! Way to go Kim, the Creative Diva Extraordinaire!!

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