Christmas is Here!

My kids are pretty early-risers, so I had to get up even earlier, so I could shower & feel "human" Christmas morning. We woke the kids up & they were SO excited! Good morning Mia.
Allison coming down the stairs. She wiggled out of her PJ pants.
Another tradition we have, is to take turns opening our gifts starting with the youngest. That way, we all get to see what everyone got & their reactions. It also gives us the opportunity to say thank you, before forgeting who gave what to who.
So, after having our yummy breakfast of Butterscotch Rolls, we began opening gifts with Allison. It was SO funny. She pulled off the 1st, small piece of paper & went to put it in the garbage can. Whatg a good little trained monkey. Then, she pulled off more & took them to daddy who had the garbage bag.
It's been a long time since we've had a large variety of play food, so that's what she got. It was too funny to see her pounce on it once she saw what it was. She was super excited.
Adelaide loved her little McDonald's cash register.
For a while, I had daddy running the video camera & the digital camera. This is just another of MANY pictures that Bry has taken of himself.
Amelia looks so little there by the fireplace.
I LOVE this picture! The llok on her face is hysterical. Isn't that how WE remember Christmas? I love seeing them so excited that they can't rip that paper off quick enough.Allison is WAY into little dolls & figures and (of course) babies. Well, she got all that & more. She was as happy as a clam.OK, Adelaide is a little she is posing with the chocolate that grandma included with her gifts.
Adam enjoyed listening to his MP3 Player that I loaded with music. He was a little confused about the Wii game that grandma sent. He thought maybe she was a little confused. It turns out (Bryan & I knew), that Aunt Katy & Uncle Dustin, Ricky & William gave us a Wii for Christmas. Thank You so much! We love it. It's SO Fun!Here's another photo of Bryan & his Christmas gift (a digital camcorder).We had a great, relaxing day. Bry & I even got to take a nap while the kids watched a movie. We spent the whole day @ home in our new PJ's. I did make a nice dinner though. We had a shank ham, with gravy, potatoes & fresh bread (in the bread machine). I even made some easy chocolate pies.The kids liked that they each got their own little pie.
Allison really wants hers too.
Now that she has it, she's not quite sure where to start. What a way to end Christmas...Yummy!


Jess said…
Sounds like a great Christmas was had by all and it also sounds like a yummy Christmas to boot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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