Born in the Wrong Family?

Apparently, my girls want to be part of the Bishop's family.

They were playing with their Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty Polly Pocket dolls. Adelaide introduced herself to Mia..."Hello, my name is Cinderella Hafen."

To which Mia replied, "I'm Sleeping Beauty Hafen."

I know it's probably because they saw their friends in Primary today. But, of all their friends, they chose to be part of Bishop's family?? Is this a bad sign?

Seriously though, this is a new year and means new teachers and changing classes for most. Allison has been going to nursery since August (yippee!). Adelaide was in there with her, so she had no problem with separation anxiety or other issues. I am happy to say, that she continues to LOVE nursery...even though Adelaide has moved on, and she is now attending alone.

Adelaide is the one I worried about. So far, she loves going to Primary & attending Sunbeams. She is very excited to be a "Big Girl". She loves singing time and listening to her lesson in her "snack class".

Amelia is a CTR 5 this year. She was very excited about moving to a new class & getting new teachers. I think she was a little disappointed to learn that her teachers "moved up" with her & are teaching her again. She loves them though, and they really enjoy teaching these little people. She was super-excited to get a CTR ring now that she's in the CTR class.

Adam's class has 15 students. Last year, they split them into 2 smaller classes. This year, they are attampting to put them back together. Hopefully, they have matured in the last year & can control their behavior for an hour. His class is taught be a young couple attending college here. They are really nice, but I think they are a good fit for this class. They're really smart & nice, but I don't think they will get bulldozed by this hard group of 9-10 yr olds.

Bry is one of the Family History Consultants in our Ward. I have started going to his class to work on FamilySearch. I haven't really done much, but I guess geneology is pretty interesting.

Many things remain the same, and a few are changing. We look forward to a new year.


normal mom said…
Tell your girls that we are flattered! Either that, or your girls are trying to tell us that we are a big bunch of divas over here! I'm glad Mia and Miranda are still together, and hopefully that will continue on into kindergarten.

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