Off To AZ

So...this afternoon, Bryan & Adam boarded the train for St. Louis. There, they will ride the metro to the airport & finally get on a plane to fly to AZ. I'm sad. I miss them already. Things get pretty boring around here during the day...And, it'll be pretty much more-of-the-same with them gone. Oh well. At least we'll make our effort to get out in the morning. The girls still have preschool & there's playgroup. It's funny. I really don't mind dragging all 3 girls around normally. But with the boys out-of-town, it just seems like a bigger thing than it is. Crazy. I know. Suck it up & get over it. I know. Well, I guess dinner should be easy. I made PB & J for the boys to eat on the train, and Mia & Adelaide decided that is what they want too. Am I really up for arguing? No. Besides, I don't really feel like cooking for just me (because they won't eat anything good anyway). PB & J for the girls....Now I can find something GOOD for me. Hmmm...


I say you order something yummy and delicious, preferrably something that will be delivered but hey as long as they have a takeout parking area that'll work too! 80)
The Queen Bee said…
I agree, hope you got take out. See ya at playgroup tomorrow!

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