The Monster in the Garden!

OK, so this was not a typical year here. It was really cold up until Mother's day in May. I think it was July before the high temperature hit 70. We planted our experimental garden this year & learned a lot. We got lots of zucchini the first time around, but not much else (maybe 1 yellow pepper & 2 red). Now, the plants have begun blooming again. We actually have some little tiny yellow squash & 2 itty-bitty butternut squash on the vines and some peppers. When Bry was gone, I actually checked the garden a few times, and even picked a zucchini & a yellow squash. Well, it just figures that he comes home & finds a MONSTER in our garden.Yeah, I know...CRAZY. So, I guess maybe we should plant our zucchini further apart next year. Somehow, this thing was able to grow and Grow and GROW without being discovered. WOW! Now, I need to figure out what to do with it. It probably won't be as good as the smaller, more tender veggies. I'm sure I'll think of something.


HOLY COW!!! That is one big zuchini! Good Eatin'! You're making me want to plant a garden of my own.

Are you glad to have your boys home? I bet you are.
AndieF said…
We had a couple of monsters ourselves this year. It is amazing how you can check those plants and still one of those big ones can slip past you.

We used our big one in zucchini bread and the flavor was still pretty good. I imagine it wouldn't be as good as smaller ones if you ate it raw though.
Mary said…
Yes, I was going to say Zucchini Bread! Lots of it! Freeze it for Christmas presents! We only got one zucchini this year :( We usually have tons.
Kim said…
I am totally looking up Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipes right now! I can't wait any longer to try one.

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