Fairy Princesses

I know, I have a problem. I have to confess...I have a dollar store problem. I like it. I found fairy wings & skirts for the girls. They LOVED them!

I don't know what's up with Adelaide lately. I can't seem to keep her clothes on. Everytime she goes into the bathroom (at home), she comes out stripped down to her panties. Why can't she just pull them down like normal people?

Allison says "Cheese!""Who you calling a 'fairy'? I'm a butterfly."What a diva! Such a princess-y smile, don't ya think?

So, I guess we have a few more options for "dress up". Even Allison thought the whole thing was great fun.


Ha Ha I love that Adelaide has been streaking you guys! That is classic! They look so sweet in their fairy/butterfly wings.
Rukia said…
When i was in australia, in one ward there was a little girl about adelaide's age who use to do the same thing. The only thing is, that she'd do it at church every week. Her dad (this was his first kid) was a young perfectionist guy (imagine my dad) who would just die of embarrassment. Well, one day we were having the christmas ward party. We had the christmas play going on upstage when this little girl decided to run onto the stage and started to strip as she went. Her dad sprang right out of the audience and jumped up on stage, snagged her under his arm, and darted off, catching falling clothes as he went. :) it was so funny.
Rukia said…
ooops. don't mind the nick-name, i forgot to change it.
Mary said…
Your girls are SO cute.

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