Another Sewing Success

My mother would be so proud...

When I was little, I remember being SO excited when my mom would make me a dress. Well, I am now excited to see my little girls wearing something that I made. I made a dress for Amelia (I sewed my first zipper), a skirt for Adelaide & little red bolero tops for both. They actually turned out really cute.
I love the butterfly fabric. It's so pretty. It's hard to see, but the red boleros have gold on them...I love the way it looks with the gold in the butterfly fabric.
I know, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. It's just like me. I'll probably do a project or two more, then put the sewing machine away again for a LONG time. I have fabric to make a little jumper for Allison. So, I've got to do that one next....


Girl you have skills!! Those dresses and the little boleros are so cute!!! Almost makes me wish I could sew. ALMOST!! LOL ;0)
The Queen Bee said…
They looked so cute yesterday at church. You could tell they were just as proud to wear them as you were to make them. I love when my kids tell other people that I made them something it means they love it too. Good Job!
Kuddos! You did a great job! You SHOULD be proud of yourself! I need to get over my phobia of patterns and make some things too. I can do basic things but nothing too hard. I think I may be asking queen bee to help me alittle. Maybe if I take a few lessons I would be fine.

So cute that they were so excited to wear them too! I too love it when my kids are so excited at the little things that I do that seem so huge to them. Makes all the whining worth it!
La Smala said…
Very impressive! I tried sewing clothes in my previous life, but when I see clothes on clearance for a dollar or two, I just cannot bring myself to buy material for more! I don't care about the "joy of accomplishment", I'm too lazy! Way to go couz!

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