Quirks / Things You May Not Know About Me

I tell 6 unsuspecting quirks about myself and then I tag 6 people that follow my blog and ask them to do the same to 6 people they know etc...

Wow! Thanks a lot Jess...This is really hard. What to say?

1. I marched with the band on the Flag Line in High School and...LOVED it. I was very shy up until the end of my sophomore/ beginning of my Junior year when I forced myself to join the flag line, speech team & drama club. I know. Me, shy?? You think? I was one of the first to master a 360 toss over the head (like a helicopter). I also LOVED performing for pep-assemblies. My Senoir year, I had a crush on the drum major. He had a nice butt & a couple of us would cat-call as we stood waiting to march onto the field.

2. Now, I look back on high school...I was quiet, but I was pretty forward for a girl...bordering on STALKER. I can think of 2 boys in HS that I put notes in their locker telling them I liked them. The first was a senior when I was but a lowly freshman. If I think about it, he was really nice to me. He said he was flattered, but that he had a girlfriend. How weird must that have been for him??

3. In HS I had a SUPER crush on the same guy for like 3 years. (The reason I joined Drama & Speech). I made the mistake of telling Jessica who had French class with him last period. I saw her walking out of the building with him & I kept right on walking without a second thought. I AVOID AWKWARD SITUATIONS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Later, I was in charge of wardrobe for "The Outsiders". As Johnny, he had to look like a burn victim, so it was my job (pleasure) to wrap his (naked) upper-body in guaze for 3 evenings straight. Hmmm...I remember it being awkward (but exciting!).

4. I love to play pool (billiards). When we moved to AZ in 1984 (I was almost 8), there was a pool table in the house. I remember learning to play pool & ping pong. I remember playing when family (cousins, aunts, uncles) came over. Eventually, our family grew, and we needed to space for "living". My parents sold the pool table. When I started going to institute my 1st semester, I didn't always have a car to drive. I spent hours at the institute in between classes. I picked up & started playing pool again. It was MORE fun than I had remembered. Because NOW, instead of showing off for my cousins, I could flirt with the BOYS who were always playing pool. I don't think it had really occurred to most of them that girls liked that kind of thing too. I got to know some of them really well. Most of them were pre-mission too, so it was just FUN flirting...not "I want to be your girlfriend" flirting.

5. Bryan noticed me when I set him up on a date with my friend. Back-in-the-day, I did everything with the young single adults. Monday was FHE. Tuesday was a sorority meeting (Lambda Delta Sigma). Wednesday was volleyball 9-11pm. Thursday was a dance 9-11pm. Friday was the ASU dance 9-11:30pm. Saturday there was a country dance usually in Mesa somewhere. Sunday was church with Break the Fast & other meet & greet activities throughout the month. I met Bry at Volleyball, but he was usually @ the Thursday dance & sometimes @ the ASU dance. I noticed him, because he had a unique way of hitting the ball, and he was bugging the heck out of this other girl that was kind of snobby. I remember flirting with him a little. Anyway, I was planning a group date with 2 other friends of mine. I wanted to gout out with this guy, Steve, and had one of the others set up with Steve's friend. My other girlfriend ended up needing to find someone, so I mentioned Bryan, this guy I knew from volleyball that was cute & pretty cool. Long story short, we went to his house to set up our "invitation" (We polka-dotted his room & left a sign "Hate to put you on the SPOT, but would you go out with me?") Later, he spent most of his time with me at the Thursday night dance. And, that would be the beginning...

6. I was the youngest of most of my friends, but the first to get a driver's license (I think my parents wanted meto help out & to be the chauffeur). I got my license in October (16 in August), and by the time I had my license 6 months, I think I had 2 accidents. I totalled a sentra by hitting it with our van. The second, was a mear love-tap with no visible damage (just me FREAKING out). The year after I graduated, I rear-ended a car right in front of the high school & TOTALLED a honda civic. Since these, I don't think I've had one that was my fault. Knock-on-wood. Teenaged Drivers need limitations! I know I did.

Now that you all know some weird things about me I get to pass the joy on and tag 6 people. I choose: Syndy, Lisa, Paulette, Mary & Muche.

Rules: Tag 6 people that follow your blog. Mention on their blog that you've tagged them. Tell 6 unsuspecting quirks about yourself and ask them to do the same.


Jeff C said…
Hey Kim,

I really like your blog. I used to crash a lot of cars as a teen, too. Luckily, they were one-car accidents. I think my town went bankrupt replacing guardrails between the time I got my license and the time I moved.

I hope this is cool, but I found you while searching for Bloomington/Normal-area bloggers, and I kind of had this weird favor to ask you...

I'm a writer and cartoonist and my brand new syndicated comic strip - "DeFlocked" (endorsed by Larry David) - is one of three new comics up for a vote in your daily paper, The Pantagraph. I'm earnestly looking for some local support.

Would you mind checking out my strip at www.deflocked.com, and, if you like my sense of humor, maybe go here and vote for DeFlocked: http://pantagraph.upickem.net/engine/Votes.aspx?PageType=VOTING&contestid=3000
(Small note -- Like most newspapers' websites, they make you register first) It would only take a second, and it would be a HUGE help to me.

Voting ends at 5 p.m. this Friday, 10/17, so if you could - PLEASE spread the word!

Thanks - I really really appreciate it. Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you in the paper!

Jeff Corriveau

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