Missing My Boys

So, I miss the boys a lot. I should be in bed right now, especially knowing that the girls will wake ME up in the morning (instead of daddy). Today just seems to drag on & on. I did sew most of the afternoon & finished the PJ's tonight for the girls to wear them to bed. I've cleaned the family room & the kitchen and swept & mopped the tile. Those of you that know my "housekeeping" should get a kick out of this. Still, it feels good to sit in a clean room. There's still plenty that can get cleaned up another day. I mean, I still have 3 people helping me make messes.

It's not ALL bad though. All day, I've been listening to Breaking Dawn (book 4 in the Twilight Series). I know I'm like the last person, but I was reading Wicked & then Son of a Witch. These were pretty good, but very odd books. Surprised? Yeah, I know. I don't particularly think of reading as a leisure activity. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Overall, it was about 750 pages in only about 2 weeks. Oh well, I'm rambling. It's hard to drag myself away from the story to go to bed. End of a chapter...good place to stop.


Wow you are becoming quite the literary Kimmie! I am impressed! You are now reading more than I am. LOL I love that when you miss yolur boys you clean ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... No more judging me miss thing. LOL 80) Love you and miss you!!!

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