Going to the Dentist

I kept reminding Adam that he had an appointment. His biggest anxiety was from not liking the fluoride treatment & hating the light shining in his eyes. (The rest, I guess, is a breeze?) Well, the hygienist let him wear this pair of sunglasses, and his fears were further alleviated when he learned that they had changed their fluoride too. What a lucky boy.On Thursday, Mia went to the Dentist for the first time. She was terribly EXCITED and could hardly wait for it to be her turn.She was very interested in everything! She wanted to watch everything that the hygienist did as she prepared to clean Mia's teeth.She was a brave little girl, and she did AWESOME! At one point, I reached to hold her hand (because I thought she was worried), and she didn't want it. What a brave little lady.Alas, each child has 2 small cavities that they will check again in 6 months. More brushing and flossing and brushing and flossing...It was good for Mia to hear that she needs to let me help her brush her teeth, because sometimes that is a fight. Brush brush brush.


Isn't it odd? I absolutely hated the dentist as a child. But all of my kids have loved going to the dentist and have actually been little angels. In fact we decided we would start out trying at age 2 with our kidsand if they weren't cooperative we could just keep trying but they have all done beautifully. Good Job Mia!!
Rukia said…
your kids are nuts! but don't tell THEM that--how lucky not to be scared to death of the dentist. I STILL am as an adult! I was the kid screaming in the office as ran away from the dentist for even looking at me.

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