Happy Birthday Amelia (and Daddy Too)

Amelia was born on Daddy's birthday...by choice. Really, she was a scheduled c-section so we were able to choose pretty much which day to have her. Happy Birthday to Daddy! With all the birthdays, we had several opportunities to celebrate. Mia loves Ming's, and Daddy gets to eat sushi there. There's something for everyone & we all like the ice cream machine...It's pretty cool.On Amelia's birthday, we invited friends to go with us to our local children's museum. They always love it. I like it, because we can bring in a lunch to eat & I can visit with my friend, while still keeping watch over the kids.We LOVE the Paint Wall. OK, I don't...but the girls REALLY like it, and it's usually our 1st stop.

Adam can't resist a bucket of LEGOS!

Climbing like the BIG kids...

YAY! Water!??! Allison got a little wet.

Birthday Girl
Another outing was dinner at Fuji for a hibachi dinner. Yummy! We thought it would be fun for the kids to watch too.Big fire! Hot! COOL!!!The kids were particularly impressed when our cook stacked the onion slices up & made a volcano.Mia: "WOW!"I got the Sukiyaki Steak...and it was Good. Mmmm...Mia loved her gifts. Her faves were the Barbie from Aunt Katy & the Gameboy (+games) from Mom & Dad.Happy Birthday Daddy...We love you!Red Velvet Cake with cooked Flour Frosting. I think this was my best batch of this frosting ever. I doubled the recipe, because I didn't have enough last year. I think I did well this year. 1/2 Cake & 1/2 Frosting...that's a good ratio, right?


Jen said…
Happy birthday to Bryan and Amelia! What a fun day. My kids would love to go to the children's museum. I guess I should take them one day. And I've never been to a hibachi place before but it looks like it would be a blast!

Now about that yummy looking cake... I've never heard of cooked flour frosting. It looks scrumptious! I may have to try this out. Mmmm....
Jess said…
Looks like Wednesday was a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday Bry & Mia!! We love you guys!!

Love those Crazy Cowands! ;D
Muche said…
Can I have some of that cake please! Happy birthday to the both of them, fun to share a big day like that :)

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